My Travels

How the Travel Bug Started…

Upon graduating college, I asked for one thing from my parents and one thing only.. I wanted a trip. My destination of choice, Portugal. Why Portugal you may ask? Well, my heritage. My great grandmother on my mom’s side was full blood Portuguese and it’s the family history I know the most about so I wanted to visit the land where my great-great grandmother was born.

So we booked our family trip to Portugal and I was bitten by the travel bug! If you’ve never been to Europe I highly encourage it. It was eye opening and will always be remembered as the trip of a lifetime for me! I cannot wait to go back.. I’ve now got several destinations on my wishlist! I started a blog while I was there to share photos and narrative with everyone back home and have now merged it with this blog so everything is all in one place!

And if you have any suggestions about where I should go to next or want to share your travel story, leave me a comment!

Portugal: Summer 2010

 We Made It: On our flight there we got to watch the sunset and the sunrise all in one flight. Our first day in Lisbon, Portugal captured in photos and some great views of our room at the Hotel Mundial in downtown Lisbon.

Late Night Madness: Lots of red wine was consumed in the making of this post.. Check out some food and scenery from around Lisbon. I already miss it there.

 Obidos- The Walled City: We took a tour to one of the only remaining walled cities complete with a castle in the area. Obidos is known as the “Queen’s Village” and was commonly given as a wedding present to the Queen from the King.

Thieves Market and Castle: Sounds dangerous I know, but really the thieves market was like a big flea market. We also visited a castle which was built by the Moors in the 11th century! Talk about history!

Alcobaca: This monastary was one of the first Gothic buildings in Portugal! It’s architecture was absolutely take-your-breath away stunning. The scale, the detail, the intricacies of the design.. Just check out the photos!

Lunch in Nazare: We enjoyed a nice lunch in this little fishing village. Such a mixture of color and texture in their architecture! And also some images from lunch! Cheese and wine are STAPLES in Portugal!

Batalha: This monastery was one of the most impressive displays of Late Gothic architecture I’ve had the opportunity to witness firsthand and took over a decade to build. The detail is out of this world! And this building housed some gorgeous stained glass panels!

Fatima: For those of you who know about the Lady of Fatima will know all about this religious site. It’s hard to believe that this place houses over a million people on holy days twice a year. In fact, so many people visit Fatima for services that they built a new chapel. Interesting mixture of old and new architecture.

Stay tuned for more post and more travels! Bon Voyage!


One response to “My Travels

  1. Great graduation present 🙂 I am mostly Portuguese heritage, but not born there, and I was so excited to travelling there for the first time a couple years ago, although I went alone.
    You should go to Oporto and Coimbra one day-there are amazing cities! Um abraço!

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