About j.l.d.

Hello, my name is Jennifer Dewey Rohrich. But most of my friends call me Jenny.

What started as a simple photography blog a few months ago has now morphed and changed into an all encompassing look into my life. My leap into social media and blogging has forever changed my life. A few short months ago, I was happily living in California, working in my family’s butcher shop and deli, setting out to capture the beauty of people and places through my camera lens. Well let me tell you, life had other plans for me…

2012-12-04_002MY PRESENT…
 Fast forward to now, I am about to embark on the journey of a lifetime. I fell head over heels in love with a Sunflower farmer from North Dakota. And this California born and raised gal is following her heart and her dreams to North Dakota.  The land of sunflowers, soybeans, corn, and wheat. Where tractors, combines, and pick up trucks reign supreme. Where painted sunset skies grace us every evening. And where winters consist of minus 20 with snow.

2012-12-04_001MY FUTURE…
So no longer is this just a photography blog, this is much more. This is first pages of an epic love story just beginning to unfold, this is my journey into farming and sharing the knowledge I acquire along the way, this is the me sharing the ins and outs of domestic life with my farmer, and yes, all of it will be shared with images captured through my lens.


Beginning before I could even write full sentences, I drew pictures and wrote words in a diary. I put on performances for my mom and was my own talk show host in our living room! Now this blog serves as not only a place for me to write and share my life, but also share things I learn about farming and agriculture as well as new recipes I’ve found, or even interior design ideas! I love to share my story of love and my passion for agriculture and photography! If you’d love me to speak about either, feel free to contact me! I love inspiring others to be creative and share their own stories about their own passions in life!|

MarkandJenny-1If you would like to follow along on the adventure, you can find my subscribe button on the right sidebar. If you’d like to give a comment, suggestion, have a question, or would like to follow me via social media, you can find all that on my Contact page.

Not sure where to start…? To find out more about how I ended up moving from California to North Dakota, check out these posts. To find out more about what happens at the farm: planting, spraying & harvest, you can find those posts here. Or to simply get some new ideas on what to cook, find out what I’ve been cooking!

Otherwise,  sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. And welcome to my adventure on the prairies of North Dakota!


9 responses to “About j.l.d.

  1. I love this! I too married a farmer and can relate to EVERY word you’ve written about farm life! Thank you for sharing the silver lining! The world needs to see it!
    Sincerely, T

  2. I just found your blog and let me just say, you understand. I moved from Toronto to a small farming community in Alberta where my love and his family have a farm. An entirely different world for me! I don’t know anyone who had to do this change so reading your blog has been encouraging for me to know I’m not alone and there is hope! haha thanks!

    • There is always hope! And yes, you are NOT alone! I know exactly what you mean about sometimes it helps just to know someone else has been there! Out of this blog and connecting with many women who share my same story, a friend and I have formed http://www.ruralhousewives.com! It’s not only for wives but also for girlfriends and single ladies alike! A place where all rural women can find home and find someone who can relate to them! I invite you to check it out and if you feel like sharing your story, we are always welcoming contributors!

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