Coffee Date: Christmas Wrap up, Family History, and Crossfit

Another weekly Friday Coffee Date! SIX weeks ago I started a new series called Coffee Date… Inspired by Rags to Stitches Linkup. I cannot believe it’s been that long!! I hope that if I keep doing this eventually some of my blogger friends will join in!

coffee dateThis week I talk about how Christmas went for us, lots of family time and stories, how I’ve been digging into family history both on my side (English/Portuguese/Czech) and my husband’s side (Germans from Russia), and how I’ve been waking up at the crack of dawn to get my ass kicked with Crossfit. There was way too much to talk about in one video! The Bison WON!! So on January 4th they will be going to Frisco, Texas to play in the Championship! There will be quite the exodus of fans from North Dakota heading to ole Texas! Go Bison!!

How was everyone’s week? How was your Christmas!?!?  What are you up to this weekend? Let’s Have Coffee!!!

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2 responses to “Coffee Date: Christmas Wrap up, Family History, and Crossfit

  1. I started doing a workout based off of Crossfit with a bunch of girls here too right after Thanksgiving. Never been so sore in my entire life! I think it is great you are looking into your family histories. I need to start getting more information now while I still can.

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