Coffee Date: Christmas is Coming, Go Bison, and Snow

Another weekly Friday Coffee Date! FIVE weeks ago I started a new series called Coffee Date… Inspired by Rags to Stitches Linkup. It’s basically like a virtual weekly wrap up! I invite some of my blogger friends to try out VLOGGING! It’s tough, I blank out when I am faced with a camera. So trying to put your thoughts together and sound coherent on a Friday morning after a long week is a challenge! But here I am again this week! I invite you to join me!

coffee date

This week I talk about Christmas plans, my husband and I are attending MY FIRST NDSU Bison Game today (SO EXCITED!!), and the fact that it refuses to get above 20 degrees so far this “winter”.

How was everyone’s week? Are you all ready for Christmas? What are you up to this weekend? Let’s Have Coffee!!!

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3 responses to “Coffee Date: Christmas is Coming, Go Bison, and Snow

  1. I guess I need to quit complaining about the bad weather we are having in Arizona…yours is WAY worse! I can’t believe Christmas is next week either. I have so much to do to get ready for it still. Good luck getting your house together for your visitors. I had to rush to do the same for mine last weekend.

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