Giving Thanks

I am beyond blessed for so many things. I do my best to thank the good Lord morning or evening for the things he has brought into my life and for this amazing life he has given me. But sometimes I am not as good at it as I should be.. Instead of flooding my Facebook and other social media feeds with daily Thanks I decided to put it into one post. Here is my thirty days of thanks, things I am grateful for in life, counting the blessings in my life. In no particular order.

30. The people who work hard to produce many of my favorite things… dairy products, fruits and vegetables, meat.. The list goes on. Give #foodthanks this Thanksgiving for all the food that is on your table.

29. Heated Seats. Seriously, I wouldn’t make it here in North Dakota without them.

28. My flat iron. I wouldn’t make it through life without it. I think back of my mom’s stories about how she used to curl and flatten her hair with heated up cans. Who has time for that?

27. My cooking abilities. Seriously, I forget that some people aren’t gifted when it comes to preparing meals or being in the kitchen. Or they don’t enjoy it. I love cooking, I love to create new things. Cooking and baking is therapy for me.


26. Wine. Enough said.

25. Boots. I couldn’t live without boots. I love them. All kinds. High heeled boots, cowboy boots, winter boots. They are by far my preferred shoe of choice.

24. Modern technology. Modern technology allows me to keep in touch with family and friends back in California. It allows me to video chat with gal pals across the nation. It allows us all to keep in touch when we live thousands of miles away.

23. Freedom. The freedom to be able to speak up about our government. The freedom to protect ourselves. The freedom to have and maintain our rights. Despite the shambles this country may be in, it is really nothing compared to the political unrest some countries experience. We should be more thankful of that.

22. Film. I never grew up in the era of film photography. I was on the very tail end of it being phased out. Film photography has changed the way I look at photography, the way I shoot, and has given me new inspiration to create. Film is not dead and I look forward to a whole new love affair with film this coming year.

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21. My ability to write. On this blog and on the other blogs I contribute to. Seriously, I would have never in my wildest dreams imagined I’d be sharing my words and my life weekly online. But here I am. It’s thanks to all of you! Thank you for allowing me to be real, be myself, and for listening to me when I need it most!

20. Through forming this community, it has brought so many amazing women into my life. It has allowed me to form wonderful friendships with women across the nation. I am so thankful for you ladies!

19. My parent’s butcher shop. It was because of the butcher shop that I found my passion for agriculture and the meat industry. It was because of the butcher shop that I joined social media initially. And today, I am so thankful to continue to share about the meat industry even all the way from North Dakota.

18. Thanksgiving itself. Thanksgiving marks one year since our engagement. I am so thankful my farmer decided to get down on one knee that Thanksgiving morning and ask me to be his wife. jenny engagement

17. Humor and Laughing. Seriously, some days I wouldn’t make it without either my husband, my mom, or one of my friends making me laugh. You can’t take life too seriously, laugh a little. It’s good for your health!

16. North Dakota Sunsets. If there is one thing that literally reminds me of God’s beauty. It is this.

15. A roof over my head. So many people out there aren’t so lucky to have basic needs met. Food, shelter, running water. I have all those things and more. I take that for granted, daily.

14. Ashley, North Dakota. I am so thankful for people who make up this community (and beyond) welcoming me with open arms. This place really does feel like “home” and I look forward to the day when I really bloom and flourish here. Ashley, North Dakota

13. Social media. Without it I would have never found my husband. I wouldn’t have started this blog. Social media has brought me so much in life. Friends, opportunities, and inspiration daily.

12. Photography. I have been blessed to have met so many people who have taught me what I know. Photography has given me a creative outlet to express myself and share with other people how I view the world. I look forward to another year of personal photography growth and inspiration.

11. Health. Seriously, we all take the fact we are generally healthy, for granted. So many people are out there suffering from chronic and devastating illnesses. I may not be at my ideal weight or the most fit, but I am healthy.

10. Farming. Because without it my husband and I would be living on the streets. Okay, not really. But we are blessed to be able to make a living doing something that is a passion.

Corn Plant-16

9. Grandparents. I only have one remaining. My grandma. I feel so blessed she was able to share our special day with my husband and I. His grandparents are a blessing to have in our lives. The lessons, the knowledge, and the laughs we share with them are priceless. Once they are gone, that is all you will have left.

8. Maverick Ag, my husband and his business partner’s business. My husband and his partner followed their dreams. Maverick Ag was built from the ground up, literally. We just ended our first year as a business and to see the success in that first year makes me so proud. I look forward to what the future brings and what dreams we will achieve next.

7. My group of gal friends here in NoDak. You know who you are. Lately we have really made time for one another and it’s been amazing to see our friendships blossom. They are my sanity on some days, they keep me laughing, and I am so thankful to have them in my life, even when life gets crazy.

6. My nieces and nephew. When I got married, I not only gained a husband and some pretty amazing in-laws, I also gained NIECES! And just recently, gained a nephew. I love kids and I cannot wait to have my own when the time is right.. But for the mean time, I get my kid time in whenever my nieces visit. I love teaching them, playing with them, and marveling at how they grow. Nieces and nephews really are a blessing. jenny nieces

5. My in-laws. I have hands down the BEST father and mother-in-law. From the very beginning, I felt so welcome into their family and like one of their own. They raised four children, they worked hard, and they remain constant examples in both my husband and I’s life. They, along with my parents, are shining examples for our own marriage. I feel so lucky to not only have relationships with them, but to have been blessed with such amazing in-laws.

4. My brother. My parents had trouble conceiving and I am so thankful to have a brother in my life. He’s my only sibling and although we didn’t always get along growing up. I couldn’t live without him now. He’s grown up into a respectable young man and I can’t believe my little brotha is all grown up. Makes me feel so old!

3. My parents. They have taught me what unconditional love means. They loved me, provided for me, and were the Godly examples in my life. Now they serve as examples for my marriage. I cannot imagine living my life without them.

2. My husband. He’s my partner in this life, always. He inspires me, he makes me laugh, some days he likes to annoy me.. He makes me a better person and teaches me. I could go on and on.


1. The good Lord. He has brought me more blessings in life than I could possibly ever list. I am so thankful he’s merciful and that He loves us even when we reject him and stray from him.

PHEW! I did it!! This week my husband and I will be traveling to California for Thanksgiving with my family and friends. I am looking forward to seeing everyone and spending some time unplugged for a while.

What are you thankful for? How are you celebrating Thanksgiving?

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13 responses to “Giving Thanks

  1. AWESOME Post!! Wish I would have done this… I attempted 30 days on my blog but was burnt out after like the 5th post and didn’t follow through exactly :/

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and enjoy Cali!!!!!!! 🙂

  2. It really is a great post! I feel guilty for not trying the 30 day post challenge. But…knowing me – I wouldn’t keep up with it and then I’d lay in bed and think about it until getting up and writing something so my mind could rest peacefully. 🙂 Have a great time!

  3. As always…a great read! Thanks for being who you are and giving me something to read that will always be funny, genuine, and inspiring! One day I will finally start my own blog and you are one of my “blog heroines”!!

  4. I did not even think of something as a ’30 days post’ til seeing this one. Do you know what the population of Ashley, N.D. is? It seems like a small town from your blogs to me, and was it named after a famous person? I live in Waycross, Ga. with population about 50- 75,000 people and gets it name from “Crossing of The ways”, and also the town was named and founded when there were nothing but Wagon tracks to get you to different places and the roads crossed each other, hence, “Crossing Of The Ways”. Hope you enjoyed your Calif. trip, I never went anywhere and really had our Thanksgiving on Friday with a few family members present, enjoyed it emmenicely Take care and enjoy life as much as you can…

    • Ashley, North Dakota has a population right around 800. It is the second largest town in our county, which is kind of crazy to me! According to Wikipedia, Ashley was named after a railroad executive out of Minnesota. But nothing around here still maintains the name and I don’t think he has any remaining family in the area. Glad to hear you had a fantastic Thanksgiving!

  5. Jenny,
    I just recently seen found your blog and have loved reading it so far! Happy Late Thanksgiving and an early Merry Christmas! 🙂

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