Coffee Date: Photography, Shooting Film, HARVEST IS DONE!

Last week I started a new series called Coffee Date… Inspired by Rags to Stitches Linkup.

coffee date

Anyway, it’s basically like a virtual coffee date to wrap up your week! This week I talk about how we FINISHED HARVEST(!!!!), photography inspiration, how one of my favorite films has been discontinued, AND California trip coming up!!

How was your week? I invite you to link up and enjoy a Coffee Date!!

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12 responses to “Coffee Date: Photography, Shooting Film, HARVEST IS DONE!

  1. I’m enjoying watching your coffee dates! I think my small down has a little bit more than yours, but it is always exciting to go to the big city. Tucson is about 85 miles from here and when I go crazy. I have to go to all my favorite stores and restaurants. As much as I love it up there I am typically happy to be home at the end of the day. The hustle and bustle is exhausting!

    • ME TOO! It’s like the eternal struggle of rural living.. I love the comforts of the city, but I don’t care to live there! I did it for many years and I always LOVED the time I got to spend “out in the country”.. Why can’t we have our cake AND eat it too!? 😉

  2. Well, we are not the ‘best of internet friends’. You are a PSL kind of girl, I am a nonfat hot chocolate with whip kind of girl…peppermint if I’m feeling REALLY crazy! 😉 Ha! Glad you enjoyed your time in town! Oh, and are you going to kill me if I say I have 3 Targets in short driving distance? One that is two stories with an escalator for the carts to go up and down?! Personally, I think it’s insane. Ha!

    • HA! I miss Target being close. Although I am sure my checkbook doesn’t! 😉 I HAVE SEEN THOSE CART ESCALATORS! It IS seriously insane. The first time you see it, it’s like mesmerizing! It was a tough choice between PSL and Peppermint Mocha! I love both equally!

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