The Newlywed Game

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my handsome husband… I love this expression, it’s SO him!

It seems like lately in my social media feeds I’ve been seeing several bloggers who have posted a kind of newlywed game. I figured since I am indeed a newlywed, this may be fun to feature on my own blog. Rarely do I feature my dear husband on here. He’s not much of a writer and video cameras make him nervous. Luckily, he agreed to sit down with me and let me ask him some questions. These were perfect for him because honestly, he’s a man of few words but he makes them count.

It totally melted my heart to hear some of his answers to these questions. Although we haven’t been together for a long time, it’s still amazing how quickly you forget those qualities we onced used to woo one another while we were dating. I know I share about how I wasn’t sure about falling in love with my now husband. But that wasn’t because of him, it was because I was scared. My husband was everything I loved in a man. He was handsome, he was charming, he was positive, he was funny, and he had an amazing bond with his family. A good friend of mine and I were just talking about some of the first texts my husband and I sent to one another. And you know what, I couldn’t really remember exactly what was said and how our relationship via technology progressed. I just remember, it did, quickly. So I decided to go back and check it out. Thanks to technology, my phone has chronicled all of our text messages from the very beginning until now.

I spent a couple evenings laughing while scrolling through our text conversations. The photos we shared with each other still made my heart melt. And I must say that husband of mine was quite the charmer. I came across so many gems, I kept taking screen shots and tweeting them or texting them to my husband.

1422536_10100347972736940_1824667309_nAnyway, here we go. The Newlywed Game. Feating yours truly… and my dear husband, @sunflowerfarmer 

How We Met

  • What was your first impression of your spouse?

Sunflowerfarmer: I had watched some interactions on Twitter and noticed right away that you were witty and intelligent. Once we started tweeting, you became that smiley, happy person in my timeline. 

Jenny: You had the most incredible eyes and on the rare times you did share a smile, it was big and it was bright. You were incredibly funny but at the same time you were real. 

  • How long were you dating before getting engaged?

Sunflowerfarmer & Jenny : 10 months

  • What was it about your spouse that made you think they were “the One”?

Sunflowerfarmer: I felt like I could be myself 100% with you. I didn’t feel the need to try and be someone else. You genuinely cared and showed interest in my passion and profession. And for my dating history, that is rare. I just really felt a connection with you, even from the start. 

Jenny: You had this intense family connection and to me that is important because I have that same connection. Nobody I had ever dated previously fully understood that. You had so many qualities that I longed for in a husband. You are patient, positive, and kind. Those qualities these days are rare and hard to find. Once I admitted it to myself, I just knew. 

  • What would you spouse say is the first thing that your spouse did on a date that showed them what you were REALLY like?

Sunflowerfarmer: You drank a whole bottle of wine. On the third day we had ever met. I will be honest, I was kind of worried at first. (True story, I did. We even went out to eat afterward. Luckily, he was such a gentleman and helped me to and from the restaurant and laughed when I tried to squeeze my lemon on my fish and chips and it flew across the room. I knew then that if he could handle me in that situation with such grace and love that he could love me in any situation.)

Jenny: You are very open in all facets of your life and that took me by surprise. The fact that you were basically up front and open, even if it meant burping or farting in front of me, from the get-go took me off guard. I was never raised to be so open with my family. It took me a while to get used to that kind of openness.  

  • Who initiated the first kiss?

Sunflowerfarmer: Me.

Jenny: You did. There was no denying it was you. And it wasn’t awkward. You just went for it. 

  • Who said I love you first?

Sunflowerfarmer: Me. Accidentally. It just felt right.

Jenny: You did. I will never ever forget that phone call. So many times I had almost let it slip, but you did first. Then you called me back to make sure you didn’t spook me. It was so cute. 

  • What was it like to date long distance? How did you manage that?

Sunflowerfarmer: Technology. We Facetime’d. Texted a lot. Talked on the phone. It helped that you were available a lot to talk. 

Jenny: Without a doubt, we wouldn’t have made it without technology. I had never skype’d or Facetime’d before so that was so awesome to be able to see the person and their mannerisms. 

  • Do you remember your first big fight? What was it about?

Sunflowerfarmer: We were leaving on a motorcycle trip and you wanted to take a bunch of cameras. I basically told you we didn’t have enough room and you got angry. I actually left you outside to calm down.

Jenny: I think that day you learned how damn stubborn I am. I laugh now,  but I was not laughing them. You would have thought those cameras were life or death. We did make a compromise. I think instead of three, I took two. You still shook your head as I put the Polaroid in the bag. Lucky for me, you love me. 😉 

  • Describe your relationship in three words or phrases.

Sunflowerfarmer: Passionate, Happy, Honest.

Jenny: Honest, Real, and Full of Love.  

  • What do you love most about your spouse?

Sunflowerfarmer: Your smile, your sense of humor, and joyfulness.

Jenny: Your eyes, the fact you make me laugh every single day, and your patience. 

Our Wedding

  • In three words, describe your wedding day.

Sunflowerfarmer: Awesome, Perfect, A celebration.

Jenny: Dream. Come. True. 

  • What was your favorite part of your wedding day?

Sunflowerfarmer: When I made it through our ceremony without breaking down and crying.

Jenny: That moment that I was standing with my dad waiting to walk down the aisle to become your wife. If I could have bottled up my feelings at that very moment, I would have. Then to walk down, see you, and know that this marked the beginning of our life together. 

  • What is the most cherished memory of that day?

Sunflowerfarmer: That our day played out perfectly. It was perfect in so many ways. And knowing I now have a partner in life by my side.

Jenny: Feeling completely and utterly welcomed into your family. Not only did I gain a husband, I gained a whole other family. Having your parents accept me as their own on that day touched my heart.  

  • What was your first thought when you saw your spouse for the first time on that day?

Sunflowerfarmer: I was struck by seeing you all dressed up. You were beautiful.

Jenny: My first thought? I knew that you were the person who I was meant to spend the rest of my life with. I felt content and so happy. You were so handsome. 

  • Since being married has anything changed?

Sunflowerfarmer: Not really.

Jenny: Not yet. HA! 

About Us

  • What is the favorite thing your spouse cooks for you?

Sunflowerfarmer: Short ribs. And chocolate chip cookies.

Jenny: Steaks. It would have been a deal breaker if you couldn’t grill a perfect steak. And burgers, nobody makes them better. 

  • What is the least favorite thing?

Sunflowerfarmer: That one time you made that New Mexican Chili or Green Chili. And anything with cinnamon in it.

Jenny: There are several things you like I wouldn’t even touch but luckily I don’t think you’ve ever made them for me. 

  • Which one of you hogs all the covers in bed?

Sunflowerfarmer: Me. You push them off.

Jenny: Definitely you. I am usually outside of the covers. I get hot. 

  • What is your spouse’s most annoying habit?

Sunflowerfarmer: Clanking of ice in your glass. Leaving glasses everywhere. Finding clothes everywhere.

Jenny: Your need to have the corner of our dining room table as a drop off point. You keep EVERYTHING. Empty boxes of tech stuff you don’t even use anymore, yep, we got them. 

  • Who usually ends up trying to resolve an argument?

Sunflowerfarmer: Me.

Jenny: Totally you. I am so stubborn. But you teach me to be better about apologizing first. 

  • How many kids do you plan to have?

Sunflowerfarmer: 3

Jenny: 2 or 3, depends on if we get a boy and girl our first two tries. 

  • Who is the one who is more likely to wake up grumpy?

Sunflowerfarmer: That’s a no brainer, you.

Jenny: Without a doubt, me. You are the most happy morning person I have EVER met. But at least you make me smile in the mornings. 

  • What is your spouse most afraid of?

Sunflowerfarmer: Snakes. (Truth, I hate snakes!)

Jenny: Hair. You HATE hair. You would rather have me bald than deal with my hair. 

  • What quality does your spouse have that you hope your future children will inherit?

Sunflowerfarmer: Your artistic ability, creativity, and gift of writing.

Jenny: Your patience, your positive attitude, and your work ethic. 

  • What’s your favorite thing to do with your spouse?

Sunflowerfarmer: Drive around, check crops.

Jenny: Driving around and when we check crops. I always learn so much. 

  • What is one piece of advice you would give to those dating, engaged, or newly married?

Sunflowerfarmer: Just be yourself. Be realistic about the future: where you are as individuals and where you will go as a couple.

Jenny: Choose your battles wisely. Communication, Compromise, Respect, and  Love are the keys to successful relationships. Get good at all of them. The more you use them, the better your relationship will be. 

So that’s it for the Newlywed Game. Can you relate to any of the questions and answers above?

Feel free to play with your spouse, it’s actually quite funny to read one another’s answers! 

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9 responses to “The Newlywed Game

  1. You guys are cute. And Jenny, I almost spit out my coffee when I read that you drank a whole bottle of wine on your first date. Before going to dinner. My kind of gal! 🙂

    • LOL! Yeah when we first met we went on vacation together. It was like day three of us being on vacation. We were in wine country so I bought a bottle thinking that Mark might drink it with me… Wrong, I ended up downing the whole thing. He handled it so well.

  2. Mark mentioning that you wanted to take “a bunch of cameras” on your trip made me laugh out loud… because I know to him they are just that.. “a bunch of cameras” but to you each one has a purpose and a reason behind why you probably packed them. I’m picturing you loading up the saddle bags with cameras and smiling 🙂

    You’re lucky that you can remember your first big fight! I cannot.. and I know my husband probably can’t either.

    Very fun! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Yeah… it was quite comical. He seriously shook his head every time I pulled out my Polaroid to take a picture on our trip. I think he even tweeted a photo. He was the one who reminded me of this… I conveniently forgot 😉 We don’t fight very often, amazingly. And when we do it’s mostly discussing loudly. 😉

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