As someone who moved halfway across the country and away from all I’d ever known in life… This post spoke to me. I struggled with leaving my family, my parent’s small business, and my home in CA. I love my small town North Dakota, I love my husband, I love the farm. But at the same time, I love my family and the people I worked with in the butcher shop in California.. I remember a night not too long after I moved, I sat in the bottom of the shower and cried, I bawled because I truly felt alone. It was hard to make sense of those feelings. And although time has healed a lot of wounds, there are still days where I MISS those things. My dear friend Katie shares with us today. This post is emotional, it’s raw, and it speaks directly to me. Please share with her your advice, words of encouragement, or if the need be, cold hard truths!

Housewives of Rural America

By Katie Vaz

Goodbyes suck.

You know, the lump in your throat, pit in the bottom of your stomach, tears streaming down your face goodbyes. They’re terrible. They’re messy. There’s no other way to put it – they suck, plain and simple.

These goodbyes happen every time I visit California and leave again. Right now as I sit in the airport, a hot mess, and put my thoughts to paper, the more I think.

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