Letters from the Editors: Jenny Dewey Rohrich

So excited to announce a NEW project of mine that grew out of this site going viral! Thank you for your comments, your support, and most of all your interest in my story! Without all of you, this would not have been possible! I invite you to check out Real Housewives of Rural America and join the community!

Housewives of Rural America

Hello and welcome to Housewives of Rural America! This blog, page, forum, and hopefully community grew out of the response I received from my post that literally went viral. With over 200,000 views, too many Facebook shares to count, and eventually being featured on the Huffington Post, my simple post 10 Ways Marrying a Farmer Will Change Your Life has reached and connected to so many Ag women from across the nation and even the world.

When I sat down to write a fun and light-hearted post about how my life has changed when I met and married a farmer, I had no idea it would go this far. I had not a clue that I’d be now chasing my wildest dreams. This blog is one of those dreams. Due to the overwhelming amount of women who said they were delighted to find my personal blog and find someone…

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5 responses to “Letters from the Editors: Jenny Dewey Rohrich

  1. This is the Blog I was talking about, looks like she is changing it already cause of all the readers, just found it interesting.


  2. It’s hard for me to see myself as a “real housewives” …. I’m more of a “True Wives of Prairie Lives” but I’m with you all the way!

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