So you may have noticed… Or you may not have noticed, that I haven’t been writing as frequently. I’ve been rather vacant… I CAN’T believe my last post was August 20th! Almost one month ago, I apologize my friends!! Such a terrible blogger I’ve been… But, I have a good reason.

I GOT HITCHED! That’s right, say hello to the new Mrs. Sunflowerfarmer! 

That’s right. My farmer and I’s wedding week FINALLY came the first week in September. We loaded up the pickup and trailer, loaded the Harley in the back, and we headed West. For Montana. Bigfork, Montana to be exact. I will admit I felt pretty much like a crazy person leading up to the point where we left town. And it made me feel better when other previously married women told me “It is OKAY!”… It’s always good to know that you aren’t the only one who gets that way. But the minute we left town it was like the stress melted away. We left early enough from North Dakota we took our time traveling there and got to spend a few lovely evening across Montana.

We arrived in Montana, got unpacked, and family and friends begun arriving almost immediately after we had just settled in. We had a large multi-family supper the first night, set up and rehearsal dinner followed by a cocktail party on the balcony of our suite the next night, and then the following night it was hitchin time! We spent the entire weekend surrounded by love. Not only for Mark and I, but also between our families… It literally could not have been more perfect.

The two days leading up the wedding were rainy on and off, it was kind of overcast, grey skies. And as we set up for the wedding the day before, I thought for sure it was going to rain on our special day. I prepared myself, with the support of my amazing husband, for rain. But low and behold, the day of our wedding we woke up to blue skies and the most gorgeous white fluffy clouds  you could imagine. It was just meant to be.

And that set the precedence for the rest of our day.. Our wedding day was like a dream come true. It was all I had imagined and much, much more. I spent the entire day stress free and without a worry on my mind. Instead, I enjoyed marrying my husband and best friend. I enjoyed eating and drinking with our family and friends, I shared tears and hugs with those who love us, and I danced the night away in pure Jenny form. It really was the best day of my life, hands down.

The memories and feelings I have from that day seem like I was dreaming. It was like a whirlwind that all went by so quickly, but the more I think about it. The more I can still re-live the experiences… Turning around and seeing my husband for the first time all dressed up. Hearing “Loves Me Like Jesus” by Eric Church and feeling the butterflies in my stomach knowing I am next to walk down that aisle with my dear Daddy. The intense concentration I had during our vows just so I wouldn’t screw it up. The amazing, wonderful words spoke to me by all of our loved ones throughout the day.

I keep telling people that we couldn’t have planned a more perfect day. And that is the truth. Being the social media couple we are, we even live streamed our wedding online for those who couldn’t attend. If you missed it, feel free to watch it below. The audio isn’t the loudest, but it’s still our ceremony captured. Family and friends across the nation were able to tune in and share our special day even though they couldn’t be there with us.

And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for… The photos. I just received our photos yesterday. I literally shrieked, squealed, cried, smiled, laughed… They are beyond amazing. They are precious memories we will cherish for the rest of our lives. They are the photos our grandkids will look at. They are the photos I can look at when I need a reminder of that feeling… That feeling of love I experienced that day. The day that I became a party of two, I gained a partner by my side for life, and I married the best friend I have in life.

Wed Collage 1

Wed Collage 2 Wed Collage 3 Wed Collage 4 Wed Collage 5 Wed Collage 6 Wed Collage 7 Wed Collage 8 Wed Collage 9 Wed Collage 10 Wed Collage 11 Wed Collage 12 Wed Collage 13 Wed Collage 14 Wed Collage 15 Wed Collage 16 Wed Collage 17 Wed Collage 18 Wed Collage 19 Wed Collage 20 Wed Collage 21 Wed Collage 22We spent the week after our wedding on a Harleymoon through Glacier National Park, Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park, and into parts of the Black Hills in South Dakota. It was such a blast. I have a million photos and videos to edit and share with you all so stay tuned for our Harleymoon posted on the blog!

We cannot express enough gratitude and thanks to ALL of our amazing vendors and everyone who helped make our day amazing. From the bottom of our hearts, we appreciate you.

Venue: Ten Arrows Ranch – Bigfork, MT

Wedding Coordination: Habitat Events  – Missoula, MT

Photographer: Shannon Rosan – Chico, CA & Alicia Brown  – Kalispell, MT

Officiant: Justin – Potomac, MT

Wedding Dress: Alfred Angelo

Cheese Cake: Alp & Dell Cheese Store – Monroe, WI

Pies: Loula’s Cafe – Whitefish, MT

Caterer: Piggyback BBQ – Whitefish, MT

DJ: Destination DJ  – Kalispell, MT

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33 responses to “I GOT HITCHED!

  1. I love all of the pretty details! The little table outside the barn, hanging lights, sayings, the “love story” frame, the monogram over where you were married, etc. Your boots were a great touch too. Your photographer did a great job as well… but it all came together because of your vision and efforts! So beautiful!!! Congratulations again!

  2. It’s so rare to see a love like the two of you have. You guys are literally perfect for one another and it was a gift to witness (and document) your love. So thankful for you! 🙂

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  4. Beautiful photos Jenny!!! I must admit sunflowers are one of my favourite flowers.
    My countdown is now well and truly on with only two months to go. As I write this the boys are out tonight for their suit fitting.
    Enjoy your honeymoon!!

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  7. Got to your site through my Canadian cousin! Good luck to you. Loved your wedding pics!
    All the best,

    Karel (wannabe farmer from the Netherlands)

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  10. Well, I’m really late commenting and reading, but finding your blog I had to go back and check the wedding out! Your wedding was amazing! 🙂 I really loved the song you walked down the aisle. From what I’ve learned about you through the blog it seems perfect for you. You looked gorgeous and the views were killer!

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