Wedding Countdown: ONE MONTH!!

Oh my gosh you guys… ONE MONTH!! We have one month until the wedding!! And I’ll be honest with y’all…. I CANNOT WAIT!!! Last update I gave y’all was our three month mark where I shared a bunch of DIY projects I’d been working on for the wedding. And pretty much that has been the majority of what I’ve been working on since then. With the one month mark hitting, I literally am living wedding day in and day out. It’s consuming my thoughts and even my dreams! I keep having these semi-nightmares about weird wedding things. And with how much our house is literally filling up with wedding decor and other related items, I am pretty sure my farmer thinks I’ve lost my mind. But neither of us have lost sight of what this big event is really about…. us getting married. And I have to say that through it all and despite it all, THAT is what I am most excited about.

If I was to sum up what I’ve been working on this month…? The little details. Those extra little, above and beyond details… And let me tell you, there’s a lot of them! I never realized how many details go into planning a wedding. You could go CRAZY with the details! We’ve been so blessed in planning our wedding in that all the major stuff has just kind of fallen into place. **knocks on wood** Being that I am slightly type-A neurotic at times, I’ve made diagrams of layouts for our ceremony, our reception tables, our guestbook table, etc. This will not only help me figure out what projects I need to get done, but come time to pack everything up and haul it to Montana, it will also help make sure that nothing gets left behind.

So without further adieu, here’s some of the little details…

ceremonyOur ceremony decor is fairly simple. If you recall back to when I first posted about our wedding, the place we are getting married has amazing views. We wanted that to be the highlight so we are keeping it simple. I made the window which will hopefully hang/sit behind us at the altar with my Cricut machine, some vinyl, lace ribbon, and hot glued the sunflowers on. The sunflower balls were an idea I had from the start. I looked into DIY’ing them but honestly, they were cheaper to just outright buy them versus buy the supplies to make them. is an AMAZING website for silk flowers and all sorts of vases and other containers. And they’ve got prices that just cannot be beat. I also ordered the hanging jars through them as well! Plus their customer service is top notch and they even run a blog with ideas for floral decorations and bouquets. The jars on the bottom were probably the easiest thing. I simply hot glued lace ribbon onto them and tied kraft ribbon on the top. The plan with these little guys is to fill the bottom with corn (what we had on hand) but any harvested crop could work just fine and then stick a candle in there. I’ve already tried it out and I love the way it looks!





My wedding dress came!! I repeat my wedding dress in IN THE HOUSE!! And up top is a sneak peak!! I ordered my dress through Alfred Angelo… In California. I did some research online and their style dresses were the ones I liked the best, so while I was visiting my mom in California we had planned to shop for wedding dresses. The dress I ended up choosing was actually the one I liked the best initially. I had a great experience trying on all the dresses and I loved every one I tried on. It was tough to narrow them down but eventually I chose the first one I tried on. My experiences beyond that with Alfred Angelo were okay. Granted, my order was not your regular order as my dress needed to be altered and then shipped to me in ND. But eventually it made it. Now it hangs in my closet taunting me… I can hear it saying “I’m so pretty, just try me on”. I may or may not have tried it on once a week since I got it, you know, just to be sure it fits.

I finally got my farmer’s attire all put together. Boy, was that the ordeal. Who knew it would be so hard to clothe a man!? We knew from the beginning that a suit or tux wasn’t us and that we weren’t going to be able to walk into Men’s Warehouse to find what we were looking for. Piece by piece we put it all together through various western wear stores. I am in LOVE with how it all turned out, add a tie, and some boots… What a handsome fella I’ve got! As far as the rest of my outfit goes, I am wearing boots the entire time. Thanks to a social media friend, I found those AMAZING Lane Sunflower boots and I couldn’t pass them up! I also found found these GORGEOUS handmade Emily Riggs lace garters… They are rather spendy, but they are gorgeous and I needed a low profile garter to go under my dress. My necklace I am having handmade by a friend of my mom’s who makes jewelry for a living. I couldn’t find anything that was what I was looking for. We are using the image on the right as a concept image. I have yet to see what she’s come up with but I know it’s going to be amazing and match the rest of my outfit.



Signs, sign, signs… There is no end to my sign making madness. Old windows as signs, canvases, wood… Some of these ideas came from Pinterest, some of them just came out of the creative process. I really like the photo canvas I wrapped in fabric. I used spray adhesive to attach the photos of Mark & I to it and then covered it with Modge Podge to seal it. This will take the place of having a bunch of frames to cart along with us. For the windows and chalkboard, I picked up some sharpie paint markers and other glass markers and went to work. You could literally go crazy making signs. And I pretty much have. But that’s okay, it’s going to be awesome, right?

Much like I said three months out… I literally cannot believe we are so close. It really does feel like just yesterday that we got engaged. When we first got engaged, I had several women tell me to enjoy it. And I must say that the closer we get, the more I am realizing that I really have been enjoying our engagement. We have been having a good time planning our big celebration for our friends and family. Lately we’ve been having fun taking a blast from the past deciding on music to play at the reception as well as for our first dance. Like I said before, we’ve been blessed in our planning but even more so we’ve been blessed to have found each other.

And the next time I give a wedding update I will be coming to you as Mrs. Sunflowerfarmer. You guys… I still can’t believe this is my life!


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