Fifteen Ways

As my friend and style kindred spirit, Danielle over at High Heels and Shotgun Shells put it… ” The Pioneer Woman started it, I swear.” Being a lover of all things Pioneer Woman, especially her food, I regularly follow her blog and today she put up a post entitled, “15 ways Marlboro Man and I are different” . And it was exactly what it sounds like, she listed fifteen ways in which her and her hubby are different and ended with a challenge of how are you and your love different?

It got me thinking about Sunflowerfarmer and I… How are we the same? How are we different? Let me list the ways….

1. His passion lies in making things grow. Although he doesn’t have much of a passion to put in a garden or something, there is no denying he loves what he does and he loves to watch his crops grow.

My passion lies in all things creative: photography, painting, scrapbooking, cooking, baking…. And up until I tried my hand at growing some herbs for cooking, I pretty much had killed ever plant I’d ever owned. Can you say black thumb? 

2. He could eat meat and potatoes every single day for supper and be happy as a clam. Sushi…? Not even in the question.

I love food and although I love meat and potatoes, I love variety in my food. Steak one night, curry the next! And I love me some Dragon Rolls! YUM! 

3. His head hits the pillow and in 2 minutes or less, he is out cold, snoring, and sleeping like a baby.

My head hits the pillow and suddenly I am thinking about things that I haven’t thought about all day. Like what color to paint our living room, or that new cake recipe I want to try… Why is it that the minute I get in bed suddenly these things are relevant…? These are the things that keep me up at night people! 

4. He loves Pepsi.

I’m a die hard Coke fan. But we stock Pepsi in our house, who said you don’t make compromises for love? 😉 

5. He does not drink wine. If it ain’t whiskey he isn’t interested.

I LOVE wine and stock pile it. It always makes me feel bad when I go to town and buy up a bunch of wine, usually the clerk asks me if I am having a party… Um, yes! This isn’t all just for me, no way!

6. He’s got the patience of Job. Seriously, of Job!

I have little to no patience, it’s never been one of my virtues. Let’s hope one of these days his patience wears off on me. 

7. He doesn’t believe in pets inside the house, and don’t even start on cats.. Not a fan.

I love cats and gladly accept my title of crazy cat lady for wanting one in our home someday. Dogs, can’t get enough. I love to pet them, love them, and snuggle with them in bed. Yeah, it’s my goal in life to one day own a pet with Sunflowerfarmer in the same house. 

8. His idea of reading is flipping through the Corn & Soybean Magazine or catching up on his Twitter feed.

We have three bookshelves in our house that contain entirely my books, only. I love to read and I’ve probably read through more books since we’ve met than he’s read in his lifetime. One of us has to be the bedtime story reader someday, right? 

9. His idea of grocery shopping is wandering through the store and grabbing what he thinks we need. Even though there is four of that item in the cupboard already.

My idea of grocery shopping is meal planning for the week, inventorying what we have, what we need, and making a list broken up by meal…. Yeah, we don’t shop often together. And usually, it involves a list. 

10. Even if it’s a blizzard, he cannot stay in the house all day. He MUST get out, at least for a little bit.

I can stay inside for days on end, perfectly content. Even on nice days sometimes, I am inside working on some kind of project. And if it’s a blizzard, no way am I feeling the need to get outside. 

11. He has to wear shoes, or at least socks, at all times in and around the house.

Besides the road, I pretty much have no problem with being barefoot anywhere. I will walk out on our front porch barefoot and unless my feet are cold, rarely do I wear shoes inside. It’s the California in me. 

12. He is very good about always putting his drinking glass by the sink when he’s done with it. Or at least on the counter.

It is totally not uncommon for me to hoard three… four… maybe more drinking glasses on my nightstand, desk, or the coffee table. I am terrible at putting them by the sink when I am done with them. It’s a regular thing for me to purge my desk area of drinking glasses… 

13. If it was up to him, my head would be shaved. He has this thing… let’s say almost phobia, about hair. I shed way too much, it’s almost worse than a dog.

If it was up to me, I’d grow Rapunzel length hair… Long flowing curls. So pretty!  

14. He would just prefer that for no Holidays do we give gifts. For the most part, we buy what we want during the year anyhow, why do we need to give gifts? And a check is a perfect gift for any occasion, right?

I love giving gifts.. I start planning my Christmas gifts during Thanksgiving, or even before. I stress out over what to get people and how it needs to be a PERFECT fit for them. And if I am giving people my own art, I toil over WHAT photo or type of art to gift them… Gift cards aren’t an option in my book. 

15. Not much gets him too wound up. He takes things with a grain of salt, doesn’t let the little things ruin his day, and maintains his cool and composure very well.

One thing can set me off.. I can get my feelings hurt over things that really don’t matter all that much, I literally can cry over spilt milk, or I can have my day ruined because of something silly. 

I guess it’s true what they say.. opposites attract. But no matter how many ways we may be different, I still love that man unconditionally. I learn from him and he learns from me. He makes up for where I lack and he teaches me those virtues I am not very good at. And I look forward to him becoming my husband in almost two months!!

How are you and your loved one different…?


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10 responses to “Fifteen Ways

  1. Some of the differences become less obvious as the years pass and your lives knit together. I was a morning “talker” and Leo was not. After a period of glaring from him and me ignoring his glaring…I began to just enjoy the morning for its beauty. The sunrise, the sound of birds and stirring cattle, and the aroma of a great cup of coffee. Then our first born started talking and we became very aware that he was a morning “talker”…genetics..go figure.

  2. I love this post! I may have to borrow the idea. And regarding #9, what is it with men and just grabbing whatever they want? Drives me nuts! If DG shops with me (which is rare, thankfully), I’m always saying “put that down, we have plenty at home.” They are like children!

  3. I saw the Pioneer’s 15 Ways and now yours and I’ve got High Heels & Shotgun Shells post open in my tabs – I think this means I’ll have to put one together for next week!

    And #3 is the exact same thing at our house!

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