Polaroid Lovin…

Old Man Winter really got to me this winter… But it’s not because I wanted to be warm or that I was particularly sick of the snow. It is what it is, but what I really wished is that I could have ventured out on an adventure with my newest love and obsession, my Polaroid.. Yes, you read that right. I bought myself a Polaroid and entered into the world of film photography and I find myself in love. Polaroid Photography Love Art

The creamy, gorgeous texture that comes from a Polaroid image. It’s perfectly imperfect. In the age of the digital world and how close to “perfect” it allows us to achieve, it’s a breath of fresh air. Film comes with flaws and that’s the beauty of it all. Each and ever image is different, unique. You hold the camera in your hands and get that nostalgic feeling… And as you click the shutter, it makes you wonder who owned this camera before me and what did they capture with it..?

Less than 5 years ago, Polaroids were a thing of the past. Film no longer being made for them, many were left to sit on the bookshelf and become a home decoration. But thanks to the people at the Impossible Project , they brought Polaroid back to life by developing film for three different models of Polaroid. After two of my photographer friends (Shannon and Bria) kept sharing their adventures in Polaroid, I decided to jump ship from digital and enter into the world of film, or should I say, Polaroid.

I couldn’t wait to get my SX-70 Sonar model in the mail. I purchased it off of Amazon. The seller had tested it before sending it out and said it worked, but I just couldn’t get it to work for me. It was overexposing the images no matter what I did. Luckily for me, he was amazing enough to help me diagnose the problem and then eventually send me a replacement. Once I had a working Polaroid in my hands, I found myself totally lost after many years with my DSLR (which does EVERYTHING for you!) But after much trial and error (and a few used up film packs), I got the hang of it. And I have been in love ever since…

It even ventured with me to Hawaii and Jamaica. I am currently working on getting those images scanned in. And now my Polaroid can usually be found in my purse at any given moment. It folds down to be flat and super compact. It’s vintage, it’s quirky, it requires a process… It’s everything my digital camera is not and for that, I love it. It’s my new obsession, my new found love, and my farmer thinks I am crazy for it. But it’s brought me a whole new love for photography and film, an appreciation for the way photographers used to shoot. It has sparked my passion for photography again and given me a whole new reason to pick up a camera and capture how I see the world.

Polaroid Photography SX-70


Strawberry ShortcakeNight Sky


Thank you Polaroid for helping me find my passion once again… And I will be here, inside, looking out the window longingly at the green grass just beginning to grow, dreaming about the adventures my Polaroid and I will go on this summer… I can’t wait.

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10 responses to “Polaroid Lovin…

  1. OMG, you own my dream Polaroid camera!!! I have a tan SX-70 foldable and a Sun 660 with auto focus, which I consider to basically be like the camera you have but in two separate cameras, haha. I’m still on the lookout for an SX-70 with auto focus but I haven’t any luck šŸ˜¦

  2. I guess I’m a bit spoiled. I picked up my Sun 660 at a thrift store for $2 and my SX-70 at a GA flea market for only $17! If I had the money, I’d buy it off of Amazon in a heartbeat, but at the same time, I also love the thrill of finding a camera where you least expect it for a super cheap price šŸ™‚

    • You are SUPER lucky!! I have seen a few at thrift stores, etc. but they have never been in working order! šŸ™‚ How exciting! I am sure the right one will come along!!

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