Californians Visit and Record Snowfall in April

It had been about a month planned that my parents were coming to visit in mid-April! And I couldn’t be MORE excited! It had been November when my farmer and I visited California for Thanksgiving since we had seen them!! I cannot believe it was THAT long ago… Time flies. I am flying out to California in two weeks, but I wanted them to spend some time with my farmer as well as in North Dakota, so they made a trip out here.

Mom had been calling me I swear everyday for the past two weeks wanting to know what the weather was going to be like. She’s a bit neurotic when it comes to packing (wonder where I get it from…?) And for a while there, things were looking up! The weather was starting to show signs of spring: all the snow melted in our yard, I could see the GRASS underneath, and my farmer and his father were thinking about pulling out the drill to get it ready for planting…. That was until we looked at the forecast a few days before my parents arrival… Snow. And lots of it.

The morning I drove to get my parents, all the ground was white again with snow. What a great way to welcome the Californians to North Dakota… In April… With SNOW, right!? On my way to Bismarck, I left early and ran into some patches that the plow hadn’t made it through yet as well as some early morning ice spots. It was stressful and I think I ended up with callouses on my hands from gripping the steering wheel so tight at some points. But I was able to pick them up safe and sound and on our way back, it was smooth sailing! Thank goodness!

Photo Apr 12, 1 55 14 PM

Luckily we had a break in the snow for my bridal shower on Saturday. The sun came out and a bunch of ladies traveled from all over to attend. I couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful day. I was literally overwhelmed with the turnout, generosity, and love poured out on that day. I’m not a good “in the spotlight” kind of gal, but I enjoyed it and THANK YOU to each and every one of who you made it a point to come and celebrate my farmer and I’s love! We may have to remodel our house so we can fit all the gifts we were blessed with! LOL!

Saturday night we took my parents to the local bar which happens to serve steaks on the weekends, The Roost. We invited some of our good friends and had a wonderful time. When we were going to leave that night, it had begun snowing. And when we woke up Sunday morning, it hadn’t stopped. And later Sunday evening, it basically became blizzard conditions. Did I mention it was my farmer’s birthday too…? What a way to celebrate your birthday!? Luckily, he’s a born and raised North Dakotan.. Nothing phases him! It snowed, and snowed, and snowed some more. In fact, it snowed so much that it BROKE RECORDS for the largest amount of snowfall in ONE DAY… In April (!!) with the previous one day record March 3rd 1966.

Record Breaking Snow In North Dakota in April

We ended up receiving 16 inches of snow here in Ashley. We received more snow on one day in April than we received ALL WINTER LONG… It was almost unbelievable. And hard to think that last year when I was here in April, we were already planting! So… my parents, my farmer, and I did what anyone would do in a blizzard. We holed up inside. I baked my farmer’s favorite cookies for his birthday, read some of my new book, we watched lots of tv, there was some pacing by my farmer and my dad, my mom got restless and did all our laundry, and there was a lot of “oh my goodness” said while staring out the window… It was, an experience to say the least. I think it was the first time either of my parents and myself had ever been confined to the house due to the weather.

Record North Dakota Snowfall April

It was the first time all winter that I-94 through the middle North Dakota was entirely closed, from Montana to Minnesota. City after city kept reporting record breaking snowfall. With the signs of spring near, my farmer had put the snow blower away and had to go dig it out of the garage. By evening time, he had finally given up on trying to keep the driveway clear. And it wasn’t until the next day that they began clearing the roads. The storm was so bad that on the next day, Tax Day, the IRS even EXTENDED the deadline for North Dakota residents because much of the mail was at a stand still until the roads were cleared. Luckily, it cleared just enough that we were able to make the trek to Bismarck and my parents were able to make it home safely before another storm was expected to hit Wednesday… Crazy, isn’t it!?

Snowfall North Dakota April

It was a storm to be remembered… And remembered it will be… We will always remember that time it snowed, record breaking snowfall, in North Dakota, in April, on my farmer’s birthday, while my parents from California were visiting… How’s that for a mouthful!?

Happy Spring everyone! And here’s to hoping Spring on the prairie will come sooner, than later… Otherwise we all may go crazy! 😉

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3 responses to “Californians Visit and Record Snowfall in April

  1. We’ve had a little bit of snow the last couple of weeks, but fortunately I haven’t had to shovel. It’s just melted on its own 🙂 Glad your mom made it for your shower too!

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