10 Things I Wished…

A few months ago my friend Shannon posted over on her photography blog about 10 Things I Wished. I loved the idea so here I am continuing the cycle. I know they say hindsight is always 20-20, but sometimes it is important to sit back and reflect on the things you’ve learned. On the things that make you a better person because you experienced them. Maybe you fell flat on your face and got back up again or just maybe you learned something new which added to the beautiful makeup that is each one of us. Or maybe your wishes have to do with making goals for the future. Either way, here are 10 Things I Wished…


1.  I wished I didn’t kill every plant I’ve ever owned. I love flowers but I suck at taking care of them. I am hoping to change that this spring and give it a go being a green thumb. Wish me luck…

2. I wished I hadn’t strayed so far from my relationship with God. I went through some dark years and a relationship that I shut him out of and I struggled because of it.

3. I wished I would have found and fell in love with photography sooner. I wished that I could have taken a film photography class in high school and learned how to develop film. Or at least that I would have had many more years under my belt by now. But slowly but surely I’ve been growing and still do every single time I pick up my camera.

4. I wished I would have had a relationship with my Grandpa (Dad’s dad). He passed away when I was a month old. I was his pride and joy. I wish he was alive to see me walk down the aisle and to see the woman I’ve become. Most of all, I feel like he would be a guiding light in my life, just like my dad. Grandpa

5. I wished I would have figured out long ago that you attract what you put out into the world.. If you want happiness, compassion and love, reflect it. These things are attained by giving them to others without expectation. The more happiness, love and compassion you put out there, the more that will come back to you.

6. I wished I would have realized when enough is enough in my past relationships. I have a history of holding onto things for way too long. Trying to make them work. It’s like trying to force a circle peg into a square hole. It’s just never going to work. Loving someone should not mean losing YOU, but I learned, I grew and because of it all I have an amazing relationship with my husband to be who has taught me that true love empowers you and you can’t love someone who doesn’t love themselves.

7. I wished I would have learned how to play the piano. I’ve always enjoyed sitting and listening to someone play the piano plus I have a soft spot for classical music. Maybe someday I will have to make my poor children learn how…

8. I wished I would have taken more time to listen to my grandparents… The stories they have, the things they experienced, how they met… I have come to love history and especially history about my family. I know so little about my Dad’s side of the family, it makes me sad I never took the time to ask questions or sit down and write these memories down.

9.  I wished I would have started blogging sooner or joined social media sooner. I can’t imagine life now without social media. It has changed my life and brought so many beautiful people into my life. I continually learn from my social media friends and sometimes I just wish I would have gotten onto the scene before it blew up. But I am holding my own over here at jldphotographblog. And before the year is out, I will have a new blog with a new brand to go along with my status as a California girl MARRIED to a farmer from North Dakota! Graduation 2009

10. I wished I would have gotten more out of my college experience. They say college is the time to find yourself. Break away from your shell and just live. I spent so much of my time in college trying to get OUT and AWAY from college that sometimes I really feel like I missed out. Sure I had my wild times (most of them in high school to be honest) but there are a lot of things I didn’t do in college. And when I listen to people talk about their college experiences, sometimes I feel as if I missed out because I was so ready to move beyond that stage in my life rather than relish it. I am sad to say that I rarely talk to any of the friends I made there. So many people I know form and establish lifelong friendships in college. That wasn’t me. And I am not proud of that. So if you’re one of them and out there reading, let’s reconnect.

What are 10 things you wished…? Take some time today to sit back, reflect, and write down your 10 things! I’d love to see this passed around my blogger friends!

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