So I baked cupcakes… And pretty much embarrass myself… All in the name of dairy, alcohol, and well baked goods! Check it out on my friend Dairy Carrie’s blog! And try the recipe yourself, if anything, just make the frosting… It’s good enough to eat off a spoon! šŸ˜‰

The Adventures of Dairy Carrie... I think I Need a Drink!

Rumchata Cupcakes

So itā€™s no secret that I love Rumchata. I donā€™t feel the need to hide my love for alcoholic dairy beverages. Itā€™s just how I roll. I named a cow after Rumchata, if thatā€™s not love, what is? So when the new Rumchata cupcake craze started it seemed like every person on facebook had to share the delicious photo and recipe for Rumchata cupcakes on my wall.Ā I mean, itā€™s obvious that I would love cupcakes made with rumchata, Iā€™m pretty sure if you scramble the letters of Rumchata Cupcakes around creatively it probably spells out my name. But anagrams are hard and all I came up with isĀ A Crackup Mustache andĀ Accurate Shack Ump.

The problem is that even though I can bake, quite well actually, I donā€™t have much time on my hands to play domestic diva with that whole cow thing taking up all of my time. Plusā€¦

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