I Hope to Never Stop Loving…

Ahhhh Valentine’s Day. That wonderful day where singles hate life and women get their hopes up to be showered in love by their mates. Many call it a Hallmark Holiday and in fact, it may be. And I must admit, being a girl, I fall prey to the allure of Valentine’s Day as a Holiday of Love. I adore all the cute decorations… Pink, red, hearts, glitter! What’s not to love!?

But what irks me about Valentine’s Day is that why do we need a day to express our love for those important people in our lives…? Shouldn’t we be doing that daily? To me flowers, a sincere card, or a simple gift is a thousand times better on a random day of the year than on a day we are “supposed” to show our love for each other. But never the less, I took the time to make my farmer a card.

And in my V Day card I made for my farmer, I wrote these few wishes…

I hope to never stop laughing with you.

I hope you can always make me smile.

I hope my heart swells with love every morning I wake up with you.

I hope we hold hands even when we are old.

I hope to never stop loving you as I do now.

And as I wrote that last one, I got to thinking about what that meant. And how that love between us with morph, change, and grow… on a daily basis.

It’s easy to love my farmer on the good days. On the days where life is stress-free and we have time for each other. It’s not easy to love my farmer on the bad days.. Those days where he may make me want to pull my hair out or those days where he does something like tracking mud into the house right after I’ve cleaned the floor. It’s in those days where loving him may not be easy, but being reminded that I love my choice is what matters.

I love my farmer because he not only makes me laugh every single day or smile or the fact that he holds my hand when we drive down the road, but I love him because I respect the man he is, I admire his hard work and no goal is too far to reach attitude, I am blown away by the deep relationships he holds with his customers and vendors.

I love the fact that someday when we have children, he will teach our children how to work hard and how important it is to be kind to people and build strong relationships with them. I love how utterly caring he is. About me, about his family, about his friends, about his business. I love his ability to admit when he’s acted wrongly and not afraid to sincerely apologize for it. I love his ever positive attitude, seriously, I’ve never met someone who can see the good in almost anything.

It’s all those things that I love about him, about my choice that challenge me. All those things make me a better person. And you know what, I do the same for him. And I know that God knew all of this when he brought my farmer into my life. He brought me that perfect person who could not only love me without fail, but could also teach me lessons in life. That person who makes up for where I lack and remind me of those qualities that don’t come natural to me.

And that’s the beauty of it all. Singles out there despising the fact you’re single today… don’t let the glow of this Hallmark Holiday get to you. You never really know when or where you’ll meet your perfect match. A year ago today, I sent cookies to my farmer. I had no idea that those warm fuzzy feelings I had for him at that time would eventually morph into what it is today. Love hit me when I was least expecting it. And at first, I will admit, I tried to fight it. But eventually I couldn’t deny it. I was smitten and well now, I hope to never stop loving him.

Happy Valentine’s Day to my farmer, the love of my life, the one who swept me off my feet, and the one who I respect and admire in life, and the one who makes me a better person every day…

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8 responses to “I Hope to Never Stop Loving…

  1. Glad to see how happy you guys are and so in love. Life is certainly good. Gotta say though that I’m not sure singles hate Valentine’s Day… don’t think I actually ever have hated it. I’m guessing it depends on how you approach life and whether you are comfortable in your own life. I do have some single friends who hate it but I also have friends in couples or who are married who hate it. I celebrate the folks I love routinely… even if its a day that people sell specific cards for. 🙂

    • Yes that is very true Janice! Even though we celebrate love daily, I still received flowers and made Mark a card. 🙂 if only more people though like you! I think the world would be a better place!

  2. I love your love story and reading it reminds me of my vey own love story with my Sustainable-Wood Guy!! Thank You Jenny!!

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