Stitch Fix Review #2… I LOVE my fixes!

If you remember back when I fist tried out a company called Stitch Fix… Basically it’s a clothing styling company. You sign up, fill out an online profile about your style, and then schedule your first fix! What they do is send you 5 designer clothes items. You try them on, keep what you like, and send back what you don’t like. They charge your account for what you keep AND you get designer clothes right at your doorstep! It doesn’t get much better than that, right!?

For more details on Stitch Fix, check out this post… Since my first review, I have received TWO more fixes and I’ve found things to keep out of each of them! I have yet to keep every single item in my fix BUT that is usually due to the fact that something out of the box usually doesn’t fit me right. I am weirdly shaped, what can I say?

Apparently I was slacking off and forgot to take photos of what I received in my second fix… BUT I did keep one item out of it! And I’ve been rocking it quite a bit since then…

RD Style Torre Banded Dolman Sweater, $58.00

RD Style Torre Banded Dolman Sweater, $58.00

My Third Fix had to have been my favorite to date! I fell in LOVE with and kept TWO items out of my third fix… AND I took photos of all my items! Hooray!

Olive and Oak Ashlyn Sequined Pocket Tank, $38.00

Olive and Oak Ashlyn Sequined Pocket Tank, $38.00

photo 2 (2)

This tank was I think one of the cheapest items I’ve ever received in a Fix… Coming in at $38.00 which for this was totally do-able. This tank was super cute. I love how they have it paired on the card with either a skirt or some skinny jeans. It could be dressed up or dressed down for daytime!  I had asked for a few statement items for Vegas (how cool is that you can make custom requests!?) when I schedule my next fix and this definitely fit the bill!  Unfortunately, I put it on and didn’t like it on me. Due to the fact that I am rather busty, it didn’t sit right on me. I hate when that happens! So back to Stitch Fix it went!

Sanctuary Ezra Longsleeve Knit & Chiffon Top, $85.00

Sanctuary Ezra Longsleeve Knit & Chiffon Top, $85.00

photo 2This top also right out of the box was adorable. It actually had lace like material along the sleeves and down the front in strips. I wasn’t super thrilled with the cut or with the little band at the bottom. Again, the style card pairs this with both super cute outfits. Again, this cut wasn’t for me. It made me look wider which is not what I am going for. As well as it is a bit cropped and cut me off at a weird spot. So far we are two for two going back to Stitch Fix 😦

Eighty Six Jaclyn hi-lo sleeveless printed top, $68.00

Eighty Six Jaclyn hi-lo sleeveless printed top, $68.00

photo 4

I think I may have squealed when I pulled this top out! I LOVED it the moment I saw it. The pattern and colors are totally my style. The cut is totally my style. It is flowy. I love everything about it! The style card paired it with a skirt which I wouldn’t have thought to do. I do enjoy seeing how they pair the piece with an outfit. Sometimes you can get great ideas that you wouldn’t normally put together! And I fell in love even more when I put it on. It fit me to the T! We have a couple trips to warmer climates this winter and this flowy top with a great pattern will be PERFECT! Score one for me!

Lovposh Lexie Stud Shoulder V-Neck Blouse, $58.00

Lovposh Lexie Stud Shoulder V-Neck Blouse, $58.00

photo 4 (2)

I’ve got to admit, I wasn’t super excited about this blouse from the get go. For one, I suck at wearing white/ivory. I never fail to get it dirty or stain it right off the bat. And I wasn’t thrilled with the cut. It seriously reminded me of a pirate. Lol. Weird, I know. But I tried it on anyway. I felt like a pirate in it. Plus the sleeves were WAY too long. Apparently I have short arms. This was really the first time I wasn’t super thrilled with an item included in my fix. But it won’t keep me from scheduling another one, that’s for sure!

Jaloux Helene Embellished V-Neck Dress, $75.00

Jaloux Helene Embellished V-Neck Dress, $75.00

photo (8)

I didn’t just squeal when I pulled out this dress, I screamed! I was hoping and praying it would fit me! The photo does not even do it justice. It is gorgeous and the material it is made out of feels so elegant. Again, the style card shows you can dress it up with a nice blazer or sweater or even dress it down with a scarf! Much to my delight, this dress fit me to the T! With the tie at the waist, I was able to cinch it up a bit to give it more of a fitted look! Score another one for me! I will defiantly be rocking this for our trip to Vegas!

The merchandise total for my Fix this go around was $324.00 which isn’t too shabby for boutique clothing and quite a variety in selection. Every time you book a Fix, you are charged a $20 styling fee which (if you choose to purchase anything) goes towards a credit to the order. Also, if you choose to keep everything in your fix, you receive an automatic 25% discount. So if I chose to keep everything (with my credit AND discount) the total for this fix would have been $243.00 which in my history of shopping is not bad at all for what is included. Some other things about Stitch Fix, you can schedule a fix for whenever you’d like it. Once a month, once every two months, twice a year, whatever. You also choose the date it arrives, so if your work schedule is crazy, you can schedule it’s arrival around your schedule. You are also required to return the items in the pre-paid shipping bag within THREE days of the delivery, otherwise you are charged for the entire fix! So once you receive it, it’s important to get your fashion show quickly! But who wouldn’t be excited right away about receiving this in the mail!?

I’ve had some friends that are a little leery or unsure about trying this! But if you are in any way a fashionista OR need some help with your wardrobe, my advice is to take the plunge and just try it! If you don’t like it you are only out $20.00 and you don’t have to schedule any more shipments! It is my hope that you fall in love like I have! And if you tried Stitch Fix and LOVE it! Feel free to share with me your experiences and/or photos!

If you are interested in joining StitchFix, please use this link: For every person I refer, I received a credit towards my account. So if I swayed you to jump on the StitchFix train, please do me a favor and let StitchFix know it was ME who referred you! And stay tuned for the next Fix!

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    • Rebecca- I don’t have any invitations to give! I’m sorry! 😦 It did take them about a week or two after I signed up to send me an invitation so I could start getting my fixes. I recommend getting on the list sooner than later!

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