My Farmer Feature Friday: Nesquik

I’ve talked quite a bit on here about myself and life with me and my farmer, so I figured its about time I share a little more about him. I mean he is a key character to this blog… So I came up with the catchy title to feature little things about what makes up my @sunflowerfarmer..

Shortly after I moved in, naturally, I began reorganizing of our house. It had been a few weeks before I made it to our kitchen but when I did, I was met with the classic guy thing…. Things that are used quite often are left out on the counter. Bread, chips, cereal, and…. Nestlé Nesquik. Well being the lady I am, I found a home for all these things in the cupboard and that was that. The next morning I got up, only to find that yellow and blue container somehow made it back on the counter, so I put it away in the cupboard where it belongs. Well, this went on for about a week. Every morning when I got up, I was met with that bright yellow container with the smiling bunny on the front.

My farmer loves to eat. I tell him he is picky when it comes to food, but in reality, he will eat almost anything you serve to him whether he likes it or not. And when it comes to food, there are a few things he gets serious about. Nestle Nesquik is one of those things. My farmer’s morning cannot start without his ‘Quick. Every single morning, he sits at our kitchen table and drinks a large mug of Quik in the same mug engraved with ROHRICH (his last name) on the side he received as a groomsman present.

Anyway, back to my story… Being the clever and resourceful lady I am, I found a canister to put the Nesquik into that sits on the counter but is a little more friendly on the eyes. I called this the ultimate compromise. Now my farmer can drink his Quik every morning from the counter AND I don’t have to look at that awful container on the counter every morning. Win-win. Now I am just left with Quik crumbs on the counter a few times a week when he can’t seem to make it to the mug with the spoonful of powdery Quik. I guess he’s got the shakes so bad some mornings it’s hard to even focus. 😉 Of course, once I found out about this serious addition he has to Nesquik I teased him about it. I asked him, “how old are you again…?” But apparently, Nesquik is a North Dakota farmer thing because I’ve actually had several wives lament to me about the woes of finding Nesquik on the counter.

My farmer loves his Quik so much so that my Mother has Nesquik on her list of things to buy for Thanksgiving.. So when my farmer and I come visit, he will be able to get his fix of Quik all the way in California. We had a friend visit from St. Louis for supper we met via social media and somehow we got on the subject of my farmer and Nesquik… We had her laughing so hard over this that she just had to snap a photo of my farmer and his beloved Nesquik. So now, the joke of my farmer and his Nesquik has found its way into social media.


Quite frankly out of all the photos I’ve seen of my farmer, I don’t think I’ve ever seen him so happy… Or smile so big in a photo. I told y’all he’s serious about his Nesquik. So you can only imagine when last night, he found out about a recall on Nesquik due to salmonella.. I was sitting on the couch watching my new obsession, Mad Men.. When out scurries my farmer who literally falls to my feet in hysteria. I literally thought someone had died or something. I soon found out about the recall of Nesquik and spent a few moments consoling him. Luckily for us, I buy the Quik in big enough containers it lasts us quite a while. I purchased the container long before the beginning of October so I think my farmer is safe from getting salmonella from his beloved Quik.

Regardless of his Quik being safe, it now has a tarnished reputation that leaves my farmer upset. He even mentioned to me last night if I think Nestle would hire him on to promote Nesquik via social media. I think another quote from last night was… “If Nesquik isn’t even safe, what is safe anymore..?” My poor farmer…  Regardless of who jumps ship due to this recall, my farmer will remain loyal and drink his daily glass of Nesquik, doing his part to keep Nestle and the dairy farmers around the country in business.

Thanks to my farmer for having a good sense of humor and allowing us to poke fun at his addition to Nesquik constantly… I love you and I promise to always be there to support you in your Nesquik habit.

Do any of your husbands, boyfriends, or significant others have a serious addiction to a food item…? Do you have a similar story…? Have you found a compromise for you both to happily live together with it…? Please share so I know I’m not the only one out there!


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5 responses to “My Farmer Feature Friday: Nesquik

  1. Oh. My. Gosh. I am doing some blog stalking tonight and reading some archives and came across this post. This is hilarious! I love reading about these little quirks people have!!

    My husband gets out of bed every night and gets a glass of milk… every morning I am greeted by his glass in the sink.. it just can’t quite make it into the dishwasher apparently 🙂 One of those things I haven’t brought up yet.. they say pick and choose your battles and I just toss his glass in with my breakfast dishes!

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