Ordinary Life Yields Fairy Tales

Exactly one year ago today, I made a decision that changed the rest of my life… I ended a five going on six year relationship and stepped out into the world of single.. Did I ever imagine that ending my relationship would cause the rest of my life to change dramatically within one years time..? Not a chance. But it did.

Whether or not you believe in God, we all believe in some sort of higher power. Call it fate if you will. I know the day that I chose to make that decision to end my relationship, a higher power was at work. And a higher power was at work a few months later when it brought two strangers together via social media, one by the name of @jenlynndewey and one by the name of @sunflowerfarmer.

I don’t quite remember how it was that we first contacted each other via Twitter, but the Sunflowerfarmer and I struck up conversation through tweets. From what I could tell, he had a great sense of humor and his photo showed him with a big smile. I could always count on him to be that positive influence in my Twitter feed. Pretty soon, an exchange of numbers happened. And it moved from the internet to a more personal connection via our cell phones.

I don’t really have a strong memory of our first interactions with each other via texts. All I know is that it was confirmed that he had a great sense of humor which kept me laughing. One quality in a man that makes me melt. Soon texts weren’t enough. We found each other to be interesting enough that late one night, he wanted to call me. Being from North Dakota and me from California, we wanted to hear each other’s voice. I remember having that first conversation over the phone. Lying on my bed, hearing his voice for the very first time,   I couldn’t help but smile. I remember telling him that he has an accent. In fact, he doesn’t know this, but I was barely able to understand him. We had a really nice conversation where he made me laugh and smile an awful lot, ending in him telling me that he liked my laugh. Now I know for him, this moment will be forever engraved upon him. It marked the turning point where I went from acquaintance to someone he had to seriously meet in real life. My past relationship still haunting me, I wasn’t in the state of mind to be looking for a love interest. But I definitely knew this is someone that I could consider a friend. He was interesting, he made me laugh, and I definitely wanted to know more about him. Little did we both know what life had in store for us.

That first phone call sparked a few more and then pretty soon we decided to Skype with each other. Seeing each other for the first time virtually, I can remember how mesmerizing his big blue/green eyes were. From his photos, I could tell he had gorgeous eyes. Another quality in a man that makes me melt. I found it so hard not to just stare into his eyes, even online. And I know he found my smile to be irresistible. That was when one night, while on Skype, he brought up coming out to California to visit. He wanted me to seriously take some days off so he could come out. At first, I will admit, I was a little taken back by this. Thinking to myself, Jenny, what are you doing!? You don’t even know this man!? What if he is some creeper!? But the more I thought about it, I thought, why not!? There was something in those eyes, that although I couldn’t see them in real life, I knew that deep down, he was a good person. I’ve always said that eyes are the gateway to the soul. And I felt like I could see his soul, and I liked what I saw.

Little did I know those eyes I was staring into were the eyes I’d wake up to every morning six months down the road. From that moment he stepped off the plane in California in January of this year, whether I knew it or not, that higher power was at work. Sunflowerfarmer never felt like a stranger to me. There was this connection I had with him, like I’d known him all along. He was so easy to talk to, he made me laugh, and when I looked into his eyes I felt ultimate comfort. Fast forward to months down the road, to right now.

I am so glad that higher power brought Mark into my life. I am so glad that I trusted in my heart and followed it, even if it meant following it all the way to North Dakota. I am so glad I decided to make the leap. In my wildest dreams, I would have never be able to dream up the story of Mark and I. But there’s no denying the fact that I have been given so many blessings in life. I still wake up some mornings and pinch myself. I wake up to those eyes, the ones that give me ultimate comfort when I need it most, he still makes me laugh on a daily basis, and even though I may spend all day with him I still find things to talk to him about.

And I hope the way I feel about him never fades. I hope that fifty years down the line I can still look into his eyes and remember how I feel right now. How I felt when we first met. That first spark that we experienced meeting for the first time. And we can laugh about how I told him I didn’t want a boyfriend. But really it was God (the higher power) up there who was laughing because he knew that eventually I would realize it and eventually Mark and I would end up starting a life together. And that no matter how old we get and how many years pass, he will still remain my best friend, the one who I can always be completely honest with, and the one who holds my hand through this turbulent life we live.

“”Once in awhile,
Right in the middle of an ordinary life,
Love gives us a fairy tale.”

And we are living proof that ordinary lives can yield beautiful fairy tales.

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11 responses to “Ordinary Life Yields Fairy Tales

  1. This almost brought tears to my eyes, which is slightly embarrassing considering I am at the office:/ What a sweet story! Isn’t it funny how when we least expect something to happen, that is when something awesome happens?

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