My First Fix… StitchFix Review

I have a lot of things to thank for Social Media… Making priceless friendships, finding the love of my life, and well, now supplying me with up to date fashion right to my door! I stumbled upon a website called StitchFix a few weeks ago. And I must admit, I was sincerely intrigued. What is StitchFix you may be wondering…?

What is Stitch Fix?

Stitch Fix is a fun and easy way to keep your wardrobe up-to-date. We get your style and size preferences, then send you a package of stylish goodies to try on at home, in your closet, with your favorite jeans and heels.

How does it work? Explain it to me step by step.

  • Sign up for our beta – Get on the List!
  • We’ll send you an email when we’re ready to style for you. There might be a little wait – we want to have awesome inventory ready for you!
  • Fill out our fun style survey. We’ll find out about your size, style and wardrobe needs so we can pick fabulous clothing and accessories for you.
  • Enter your payment info and pick a date to “Get your Fix” – it sounds obvious but a lot of people forget to schedule. You can schedule your Fix to arrive during a particular week. We can’t guarantee a specific day.
  • Yay! We’ll send you a package (free shipping!) with 5 clothing and accessory items picked just for you. We’ll charge the $20 styling fee the day package ships. That styling fee is applied as a credit toward the purchase of anything in that particular shipment.
  • Try everything on at home – do a little fashion show for your friends, partner, pets…
  • Keep what you like – we’ll charge your credit card – send back what you don’t. Shipping is free!!
  • Repeat the scheduling process as often as you’d like!

For more information on how StitchFix works, visit their FAQ page which does a great job of answering any and all questions you may have. I signed up and about a week later, I was accepted to fill out the survey. Their survey does a great job of trying to understand what your style is, how you dress on a day to day basis, as well as if you’re interested in taking a little more risks with your style. It also asks you questions about your weight, height, and sizing so that they are able to send you clothes that will fit you! Sounds pretty awesome right…? I thought so too. So I scheduled my fix and anxiously awaited it’s arrival….


It finally arrived today all compact in this little box! I couldn’t wait to tear into it and see what they picked out for me. It’s like a gift to myself every month.. Seriously what girl doesn’t love receiving things in the mail!? And clothes!? Even better!

This little box contained everything I needed

Inside the box was my picks from Stitch Fix, a list of prices and information about the products, my return mailing bag, as well as some more information. After every Fix, you are required to go online and survey what you liked, what you didn’t like, if it fit, etc. so that not only can they better cater your next fix to you but also know what is coming back to them and what you’ve decided to keep! So here’s what was in MY first fix…

Missa Caulfield Geo Stitch Sweater, $68.00

Pairing Suggestions and information about the garment!

This sweater I loved it the minute I pulled it out of the box. It is soft and cozy.. I threw it on and it looks great on, the length is good. Often times I find sweaters cut me off at a weird spot by being too short. The only qualm I have with it is the sleeves are really long. But that’s a common problem with someone like me who has short arms. The cut isn’t suffocating around my neck, it has a nice wide neckline. Overall, I adore this sweater and I think it will pair nicely with many things as well as layer. So item number one, success.

Karine Sultan Long Rectangle Dangly Earrings, $36.00

I opted to receive accessories with my Fix because well, I love jewelry. While these earrings aren’t something I’d normally pick out of the rack. I do enjoy them and think they are multi-purpose. However, for me, they weren’t substantial enough to drop almost $40.00 on them. They were extremely light weight and felt very cheap to me. That may be they are made out of a light metal or not metal at all. But to me, these are all about the designed price tag and not the actual product. So earrings, a no go.

Ark n Co Bruna Lightweight Moto Jacket, $98.00

This jacket was adorable. I couldn’t weight to throw it on when I pulled it out of the box. The collar and asymmetrical zipper are absolutely darling. It could be dressed up as shown in the pairing suggestions or even dressed down. Who doesn’t love a versatile jacket!? Unfortunately for me, it was a bit short and hit me at unflattering place. And for almost $100, I wasn’t sold on keeping it.

Collective Concepts Nadeau Button Up Tie Pocket Top, $68.00

Here’s an item that they throw in for you to take a chance with your style… Add a little wild print into your life! I have no problem with the print on this top, in fact I was a bit upset the cut wasn’t one I’m particularly fond of. If this would have been more of a blouse/peasant top, I would have loved it. Unfortunately, this shirt was more like a button up shirt with a tie bottom. I despite things that tie at the bottom. I don’t see a need for some bulky tie to be sitting right at my midsection and attracting attention to my least favorable spot on my whole body. But that’s me. So although I loved the wild print, the cut on this was made it a no-go.

Freebird Lovett Boatneck Capsleeve Dress, $58.00

I thought it was interesting they included two rather risky prints in one Fix, but hey, I’ve got an open mind to try new things. But I will admit I wasn’t super sold on this dress upon pulling it out of the box. When I tried it on however, I found out that it’s one of those things that looks better ON than on the hanger… We all know those clothes! 😉 This dress was adorable.. But the case of being big chested strikes again. It wouldn’t zip over my chest. (Note: one of the measurements they require is your bra size). I would have kept this dress if it would have fit. Darn it!

The merchandise total for my Fix this go around was $325.00 which isn’t too shabby for boutique clothing and quite a variety in selection. Every time you book a Fix, you are charged a $20 styling fee which (if you choose to purchase anything) goes towards a credit to the order. Also, if you choose to keep everything in your fix, you receive an automatic 25% discount. So if I chose to keep everything (with my credit AND discount) the total for this fix would have been $223.75 which in my history of shopping is not bad at all for a sweater, jacket, blouse, dress, and earrings. Some other things about Stitch Fix, you can schedule a fix for whenever you’d like it. Once a month, once every two months, twice a year, whatever. You also choose the date it arrives, so if your work schedule is crazy, you can schedule it’s arrival around your schedule. You are also required to return the items in the pre-paid shipping bag within THREE days of the delivery, otherwise you are charged for the entire fix! So once you receive it, it’s important to get your fashion show quickly! But who wouldn’t be excited right away about receiving this in the mail!?

Overall, I am impressed with the quality of items send by StitchFix. It’s exciting getting boutique quality clothes mailed to me in the middle of nowhere in North Dakota. My hometown in California is known for it’s downtown shopping experience and I miss shopping the boutiques there and coming out with unique fashion finds that aren’t all over the shelves at big name department stores. It’s upsetting that some of the items didn’t fit correctly but that’s just the plight of Jenny. I have an extremely hard time finding clothes to fit me correctly, I guess I am just built wonky for fashionable clothes. However, I will schedule another Fix, give them feedback on what I liked and didn’t like, and be sporting that cute sweater I decided to keep! I’ll be sure to share with everyone what I pair it with and some photos with how it looks on!

If you are interested in joining StitchFix, please use this link: For every person I refer, I received a credit towards my account. So if I swayed you to jump on the StitchFix train, please do me a favor and let StitchFix know it was ME who referred you! And stay tuned for the next Fix!

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15 responses to “My First Fix… StitchFix Review

    • Thank you! I am so excited to have found this resource living in North Dakota… A long ways from cute boutiques let alone a big name store! Fashion delivered to my doorstep is a plus in my book!

    • YES! I am hooked! I can’t wait to see what else they pick out for me! Your picks were absolutely darling!! I received a little more of a “wild” selection I think! 😉

    • What I’ve found with taking risks with my style is that every time I shop, I pick out something I’m not so sure on. And try it on just for the heck of it. Often times I find things I wouldn’t have just because I didn’t initially like it on the hanger. And yes, this may be something to look into because it brings things right to your doorstep! Just got to keep an open mind with their picks and the pairing suggestions help too!

  1. This looks like fun – and just a little addicting! 🙂 But then again, I’m a bit too much into online shopping the way it is. Might have to try it though – I like how I can choose how often, so even if I wanted to do it just a few times a year, that would be fun! Thanks for sharing your experience!

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  4. This is pretty neat. I’ve been looking into subscription boxes a lot lately. I just recently signed up for Birchbox. It’s a beauty subscription box – you get 4-6 samples a month tailored to your interest (by your beauty profile). I just did a review on the first box I received on my blog. For less than $10/month I get some amusement out of it:) I agree stuff like this is a great resource so us folk that live in the middle of nowhere!

    • YES!!! I love birchbox!! A friend of mine was telling me about Glossy Box. It’s like Birchbox but it’s 10.00/month more. I don’t know what the difference is between the two? I am thinking when my Birchbox subscription is up I may try it and compare the two! I love the Birchbox blog as well! I’ve gotten many beauty tips and product recommendations from them! I’d totally recommend the StitchFix too! The great thing about Stitch Fix is you can schedule it when you want! With our wedding coming up and literally all my funds going to that, I have taken a few months off from Stitch Fix, but once we are done I plan to continue! I don’t get shopping unless I am traveling so Stitch Fix is great for updating my wardrobe!

  5. That is nice you can schedule it when you want, that’s handy. Congrats on the upcoming wedding! 🙂 I looked into Glossy Box, I really wanted to subscribe to that one also, haha. But I didn’t know if I could really justify $18.30/month (year subscription). But I’m pretty sure you get atleast one full size product per shipment which with Birchbox you don’t usually get full size (besides like nail polish & lip stick).

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