I’m in LOVE… With my KitchenAid Mixer!

My first ever baking experience was thanks to my dear ole Daddy.

I was somewhere around age 4 or 5 and home sick from preschool with pink eye. Being the amazing Daddy that he is, my Dad stayed home with me and guess what we did, we baked cookies. Now upon my Dad telling me we were going to bake cookies, being the bright four (or five year old) I was, I told him, “you don’t make cookies, Daddy, you buy them from the store!” Well guess what, he proved me wrong and I couldn’t wait until Mom came home from work to show her what we had made that day. I thank my Dad for my love of baking and cooking. He always taught me that you can make ANYTHING. And whenever there was something I wanted replicated or made, he showed me how. Ever since I begun seriously cooking and  baking in my teens, there has been ONE item I have coveted, drooled over, obsessed over… And this week, it finally became mine.

A KITCHEN AID STAND MIXER! Now I know many of you are thinking big whoop. But to me this is like being that little girl who finally got the pony she’s always wanted. And I know some of you know exactly what I am talking about because your love for your kitchen aid mixer runs strong. I guess I am fortunate that I waited so long to purchase one, I never remember years ago when I ALMOST bought one there being seriously so many colors!?

Now if you haven’t already figured it out… it’s no secret that I love yellow. And it just so happens to work out that I fell head over heels in love with a sunflower farmer who also has a love for John Deere. So yellow works out pretty well in our household between sunflowers and anything John Deere. I posted on Facebook that I seriously could not decide between Yellow Pepper and Buttercup and Buttercup overwhelming won out. So I had Buttercup in my mind first, majority vote won, and I took the leap and purchased the baby.

I don’t think my farmer quite knew how to take it from the shriek I let out when it arrived through the door to the fact I may or may not wake up every morning since and pet it and coo at it’s beauty. He even caught me hugging it. And I must admit,  besides my DSLR camera, I don’t think I’ve loved an inanimate object as much as I love this mixer. It’s gorgeous, it’s bright, it’s cheery, it’s the perfect addition to our kitchen. And as far as my farmer is concerned, it means more cookies made more often. So he’s on board with the mixer EVEN if it means his beloved bachelor pizza oven must leave our counter. That my friends right there is love.

  And I think it looks absolutely wonderful next to our sunflower plate we picked up from our fantastic trip to Medora the first part of September. I am so happy with my purchase and my color choice. And frankly, I plan on baking and cooking for the next few days.. It’s taken me a few days to actually DIG IN and make something with it. I think I’m still in shock. Or maybe I am so mesmerized. Either way, this week we say goodbye to the pizza oven and HELLO LOVELY to my new Kitchen Aid mixer who I have now appropriately named its color, Buttercup! Welcome home Buttercup! And much love, thanks, and respect to my farmer who allows me to make our house a home for the two of us, even if it means me bringing in a YELLOW stand mixer.

How many of you have Kitchen Aid mixers? Does your love for your mixer run strong? If you were to purchase another color, what color would you choose? Share with me some of your favorite recipes you make using your mixer!




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15 responses to “I’m in LOVE… With my KitchenAid Mixer!

  1. I bought mine years ago, with my first bonus from work and a mom who used her Kohl’s senior day coupon! It was one of the most singular expensive items I’ve purchased, then or now.

    I went with the metallic chrome and it has allowed me to try recipes I never ever would have attempted without. Enjoy yours in good health!

  2. Another reason why you and I are friends… I’ve wanted one for YEARS and am patiently biding my time until I can afford one. I’m a fan of the empire red one, although now seeing that there’s yellow to pick from I might be changing my mind! (Yellow is my favorite color too! WHY were we not friends sooner?? Thank you twitter!)

  3. Wow! Congrats! They are so amazing, my lovely husband gave me one for my bday last year. It makes so much difference to your baking. Mine is Cobalt Blue, but if there was a pink one I’d get it just to brighten our house up.

  4. I love mine! I didn’t get it until we’d been married nearly 25 years so I’m glad you’ve got yours to enjoy for a long time! I still use my bread machine for bread dough but will do everything else with my Kitchen Aid! Have fun…wish I was a neighbor cuz I would be looking for baked goodies!

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