Lessons from a Farmer

There really isn’t any other way to put it.. I am drunk on life right now. I am so very much in love with my farmer. I am making progress in re-decorating our house. I started running and have been keeping at it and increasing my goal every time. I am doing my first photoshoot since I moved here today. I get to meet up with a bunch of people who love agriculture this week at AgChat Conference in Kansas City later on this week. Seriously, life is pretty much amazing.

Wheat harvest has wrapped up, my farmer is finishing up doing some spraying, and I couldn’t hardly believe it but we received a breather! My farmer has been going non-stop since I got here. Literally not a day off in um… five weeks. So when he finally got some down time, he literally didn’t know what to do with himself. We enjoy a few hours this weekend of spending time together. Got the Harley out. Enjoyed this amazing weather we’ve been having. Seriously, the past two days were PICTURE perfect. Blue skies. Big fluffy white clouds. And I get to spend some time with the one I love. I am so blessed.

We also got to go out and check all the crops. As you saw last week, the sunflowers are doing very well! But some of the other crops are doing well too, all things considering. (Lack of rain, some hail, etc.) I love checking crops with my farmer. Just the two of us. Out driving around. I always learn so much. He’s constantly showing me things, teaching me things, showing me on the map just where we are. His passion for what he does really comes out when we are out there in the field. He is admiring his work or in some cases, he’s sincerely upset or concerned over his work. But that’s the funny thing about farming… He can do it all right. He can do everything perfectly. But it’s up to Mother Nature to hold up her end of the bargain. And well, sometimes she doesn’t come through. We’ve seen a lot of that this year.

But as generations upon generations of farmers have learned, sometimes you’ve got to bite the bit, you’ve got to hold your head up. And you’ve got to keep faith. Keep faith in the next year, keep faith that the good Lord will provide for you, and of course, count your blessings as they come. Farmers are a rare breed and the passion that they have for their profession is rarely matched in other careers, but I think that everyone can take a lesson in life from them.

Sometimes the going gets tough, sometimes your livelihood is on the line, sometimes it’s hard to find the light in the dark path you may be walking. But keep faith, hold your head up, and remember that the sun will rise again tomorrow. And tomorrow is a new day full of all kinds of possibilities.

And if you need some images to remind you of the beauty of life, Here you go..

Happy SUNFLOWERS come from North Dakota! And so do happy Sunflower farmers!

The bees are hard at work doing their job to pollinate these beautiful blooms!

“The highest reward for man’s toil is not what he gets for it, but what he becomes by it.” -John Ruskin


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