See You Later California.. Not Goodbye

Well it’s finally here.. The day has come. My things are all well on their way to North Dakota. I am writing this post in a near vacant room in California. I’ve got a one way ticket in my hand. In a few hours I will be boarding that plane. Destination. North Dakota.

My family and friends have said their see you laters. Given their well wishes. Expressed their excitement. This is it.

I can’t believe it. It all still hasn’t sunk in. Today I say see you later to California. My hometown. The place I was born and raised. It’s bittersweet.

But I have an amazing man whom I adore waiting for me there in North Dakota. I have his wonderful family, a handful of new friends, and people I have yet to meet. All there. Waiting my arrival.

I have a wonderful future ahead of me. A new adventure. The start of a new chapter in my life. This is the very first page. The first sentence. I am closing the chapter on my time in CA and putting the pen to a new chapter.

This is it. It’s not goodbye California. It’s see you later. See you soon North Dakota. And be easy on this girl from California.



6 responses to “See You Later California.. Not Goodbye

  1. Can’t wait to meet you jenny. you sound like such a great person:) Safe travels…….

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