I’m Still Wondering…

Well.. the countdown has begun. I have officially less than two weeks before I move to North Dakota, for good! Did you hear me!? TWO WEEKS! I bought my one way ticket yesterday. This. is. happening!

There’s a lot of emotions swirling around right now. It’s all pretty surreal to me. I keep asking myself… Is this really MY life? And everyone else in the world keeps asking me, how in the world does a girl from California move to North Dakota..? Well you meet a Sunflowerfarmer like this:

And I think maybe you stop thinking logical and instead follow your heart. Then pretty much your decisions make themselves… Now I’m not the only one asking questions lately.. My farmer told me he keeps asking himself,  “How in the world did I get a girl from California to move out to North Dakota..?” His answer… :”Well, just be myself.” And you know what, he’s entirely right.

And it’s something I’m still wondering myself. I have no idea how in the world he did it, but he did. I remember back to when we first met and I stuck hard to my guns of being just friends, that I didn’t want a boyfriend or a relationship. And let me tell you, I am one stubborn gal… Well, guess what. Eventually I surrendered my guns along the way and here I am well on my way to North Dakota. How did that happen?

Maybe it’s because once you find that person who completes you, nothing else in the world matters. Maybe it’s because once you find that person, distance suddenly becomes irrelevant. Maybe that suddenly once your soul realizes what’s out there that your love with living where you once did fades in comparison to living with that person in your life. I could ponder the reasons all day long…

Whatever the reason, I am so fortunate that he decided to make the leap. To come out to California. And that while we were driving along in my car. Me in the passenger seat, bare feet up on the dash, singing along to the radio (b/c that’s how I roll)… During that very moment on that beautiful day in January, my farmer just looked over and marveled at me. At that moment he just knew. Something inside of him told him that this girl, the one he barely knew sitting beside him, was the one for him. And that he knew he had to win her over.

And I thank God every day that it worked. The best part…? It didn’t take him stepping outside his comfort level. It didn’t take him doing anything out of the ordinary. By just being true to himself, the Sunflowerfarmer from North Dakota won over this born and raised California girl. And now very soon, she is about to join here there in North Dakota.

And I… well, I am still left wondering… But boy am I thankful it happened!



8 responses to “I’m Still Wondering…

  1. So. This makes me really happy for you! I, too, am in this club. I met the boy who 3 weeks later moved 1,000 miles away. So, I completely get it. You’re going west coast to mid-west and I’m (visiting) mid-west to east coast. It’s like a tag team!

    • Aww! It’s always good to know there is someone out there who has been in your shoes! The more I share about this, the more I find there are other women out there going through what I am!! 🙂 just don’t lose faith in love is the best advice I can give! And pretty much, so awesome that we’ve got all areas of this country taken care of through our love stories! Doesn’t get much better than that!

  2. I am so happy for you! It is truly exciting to move and be with the man that is not only your best friend, but someone that you love. As a city person who moved to the country, I went through some culture shock, but it was worth it. A few years later, I find that I couldn’t be happier. And now I am more of the person I always wanted to be and enjoying my life with my best friend more than I ever could have imagined. Cheers to you both on your journey! It is going to be a beautiful ride.

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