A Reminder.. It’s Just the Beginning…

Unfortunate circumstances brought me back to North Dakota a few weeks early.. My sudden trip was brought on by the passing of Sunflowerfarmer’s grandpa, Ruben. On June 22nd, his life here ended and he joined the Lord as well as his lovely bride Shirley. I got the opportunity to meet Ruben on my very first trip to North Dakota. And for this, I feel ever so blessed. Although at that time, his health was beginning to fail, there was no denying that this man was someone who touched people no matter where he went. And this was even more apparent from the memories shared by his loved ones. If there was anything I learned about Grandpa Ruben from the short time I knew him it was that he had a deep love for his beautiful wife, his family, his cattle and the land he lived on in South Dakota. He taught Mark and the rest of his brothers the meaning of hard work, that driving on the farm started at a young age, and the beauty of a nap on the floor after a good meal. Although it was extremely hard for his loved ones to say goodbye to Ruben, comfort may be found in the fact that his legacy, the values he instilled, and the memories of times spent with him will live on in his family, friends, and anyone his life touched.

RIP Ruben. And we know you are up there with Shirley looking down on us, so proud of the accomplishments your children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren are making in their lives.

To read more about his life and his family: http://www.carlsenfh.com/obituary/ruben-bauer

Shirley and Ruben Bauer- Photo courtesy of Mary Rohrich

Through the course of events from the weekend, I got the opportunity to meet the Bauer family in its entirety. Laugh with them, cry with them, love with them. And although this group of amazing people aren’t technically my family yet, I still consider them as such. The words exchanged, the hugs given, and the tears shed with them all touched me more than I have words to express. It was an emotional weekend all around and just adds to that feeling about when you know, you just know. These people, this family, was meant to be brought into my life and I into theirs. Full of love, compassion, and kindness, there isn’t a group of people I will be more proud to welcome into my family.

Besides spending time with Sunflowerfarmer’s family, I got some much needed time to spend with him! Granted, most of it was spent helping him build Maverick Ag from the ground up, literally. But we did take one evening, in our nice clothes even, to go out and do one of my favorite activities… Checking crops! The sun was just beginning to go down, the one I love most sitting right next to me,ย  out in the middle of nowhere. I don’t think life gets any better than that. Of course, I was armed with my camera for it all.

First off, sunflowers. Which my farmer is immensely proud of and let’s hope it stays that way..

These sunflowers were planted in mid/late May and I seriously marvel at how much they’ve grown in such a short period of time! Nature never ceases to amaze me!

Next we went and checked out some corn… Poor corn could use a drink of water. But things could be worse. If you’re the praying kind, please say one for the Midwest in its entirety. Lots of crops and farmers out there are suffering due to lack of rain! Otherwise, just do a rain dance for them will ya!?

Seriously, how could you not love this view…?


During this particular trip out in the field, I learned that corn shoots a special kind of root to help it brace itself as it grows taller and taller. Nature never ceases to amaze me… As well as my farmer, he amazes me too. What is it about intelligent men that make them so irresistible!? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Remember earlier when I said we were in our good clothes… Yep. Don’t all women check crops in wedges and pink painted toe nails!? Throughout the evening, I got complimented by my farmer in that I really am a real farmer…. Or at least he says I leave the pickup door open like one!

Next, we drove up to Rohrich Farms to check on some more corn.. Remember that Bt Sweet Corn I keep raving about!? Well here it is! Look at how much it has grown since my last post!

I can almost taste it! And by the looks of it, we will have PLENTY of it! So exciting! Stay tuned later this year for what I make out of all this sweet corn! ๐Ÿ™‚

Along the way, we stopped to snap a photo of some wheat… And I learned how hard it is to photograph a field of wheat…Especially after a drink.. Or two..

The sun continued to set, making for a gorgeous sunset painted North Dakota sky. I’ve missed the sunsets here. I’m sorry California but your sunsets have got nothing on the skies in North Dakota!

But the best part about it all…? I got to enjoy it in the company of my farmer! And his wonderful family.. Despite the sadness that brought me, my weekend in North Dakota was for lack of words, amazing. It continually cements the fact that is right where I need to be. And to quote Jason Aldean…

I had an all-American Mom and Dad,
Some of the coolest friends you could ever have.
Found love I thought I’d never find…
Sometimes I can’t believe this life is mine.
And I’m not plannin’ on leavin’ yet,
But the truth is, you just never know,
An’ if this is as good as it gets,
Man, I think I’m good to go.

If this is as good as it gets… I will leave this world knowing without a doubt I’ve found my match in life, loved with my whole heart, and been blessed to have met the people I have met. But knowing that this is the only beginning… well now that is beyond exciting!

In about two weeks time, I will have a one way ticket in my hand.. All my possessions will be waiting for me in North Dakota.. My car will be sold.. My time living in California will be coming to an end.. I will be boarding a plane to North Dakota.. To reunite with a farmer who has been waiting for me.. To start our lives together.. To build a business together.. To live, to laugh, to love..

I still can’t believe it. Welcome to the beginnings of it all.. So stay tuned.. As the lives of these two people begin.. Together.


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