Today It’s All About You, Dad

25 years ago, my dad experienced becoming a father for the very first time… But parenthood didn’t come easy to him and Mom. They had problems conceiving. But after 13 years of trying, a miracle happened and they finally welcomed their first bundle of joy into the world… That bundle of joy was me. And now although sometimes my father drives me crazy.. When I put it into perspective, I am beyond blessed to have the amazing man that I call Dad. He has always led by example, showing us the meaning of hard work and compassion, what it means to sacrifice yourself for your family. Working all day and still coming home to make time for us. Teaching us about how the world works and forcing us to hold our own through being responsible. As a successful business owner, he’s always been a wonderful provider for my brother and I. Working long, hard hours so he can give us the best in life.

Some of my earliest memories of him include the time we baked cookies because I told him, “We can’t bake cookies… Cookies come from the store!” (I think age 4-5), so we baked cookies that day. I guess I have my dad to thank for introducing me to my love of baking.

Or the endless days spent with Dad at work. Starting before I could remember, I spent my days with Dad. At first on his back in a baby carrier while he linked sausage then as I got older I accompanied Dad on the mobile slaughter truck. To some it may sound gruesome or gross, but to me it was just a normal life. I learned so much about life from spending those days out with Dad. Everyday I was learning something new. And you know what, it doesn’t matter how old I get, that’s still the case. On the rare occasion that I go out with Dad even now, I am still learning.

It makes me realize that no matter how much time passes, some things never change. No matter how old I get, he will always be my Daddy. And no matter how much I grow up, to him I will still be that sweet little girl with curly brown hair.

Dad, I have so much to thank you for in life. You are so many things to me. Advice giver, financial adviser, handyman for anything and everything, creator of anything from scratch, the ultimate cook, the best fort builder ever, the answerer to my endless questions, the one I look up to most in life.

And as I get older,  I cannot imagine growing up without you there. No amount of thanks would be enough to even come close to the things you’ve taught me and for the things you’ve given me in life. And today, Mom, Jake, and I celebrate you. And everything you’ve ever done for the three of us. You’re the best, Dad and although we may not say it or show it all the time, we love you!

Happy Father’s Day!







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