A Day In the Life…Of a California Girl in North Dakota

This post is for those of you who keep asking me… “well, what have you been doing in North Dakota!?”

While spending my time here in North Dakota I have coined a phrase for my everyday living as a Domestic Diva. Because well, I’ve been mainly doing domestic things. Things like transforming a house that was once a bachelor pad into a house that will soon be mine and Mr. Sunflower’s. Any woman who has gone through that experience knows this is no easy feat.

It begins with cleaning… Cleaning out every storage space in the house.. Finding God knows what there… Some of my favorites include the cabinet that houses board games, tools, and ammunition. Because you never know when you will need ammo while playing a board game! 😉 Or coming to the realization that Sunflowerfarmer and I are indeed in trouble in the fact that the both of us have entirely too many clothes. And finding space for all of those clothes is… well, becoming more and more possible. I found out that he probably has enough shirts to last a whole year without doing laundry..

But who am I to call the kettle black? I’ve got entirely too many clothes myself. So I just organize them all. And despite his lack of organization skills, I still love my farmer. He’s just better at doing things like.. farming. So I’ll let him stick to that.

So once I got things around here clean and in order… I made the big trip to Bismarck to do some shopping! You can read about that adventure HERE. And of course, I purchased all kinds of “female friendly” things like candles, table runners, cute dish towels, and a napkin holder! So little by little.. this house is transforming. It is clean, organized, and it has candles! Progress!

So now that things are clean and organized for the time being, I moved onto bigger and better things.. Getting rid of the many white walls in this house. I finally went yesterday and picked out some paint colors. I cannot tell even tell you the excitement I have for colorful painted walls! But much to my dismay, the rain in the forecast is raining on my painting parade. So I will have to wait until next week to put paint on the walls BUT… I will give you all a sneak peak into my color palette!

I have also been regularly cooking and baking (two of my favorite things!) and Mr. Sunflowerfarmer has indeed been reveling in the spoils of it all. But he spoils me and works hard, so why not spoil him!?  Let me tell you.. I’ve now become accustomed to eating dinner around 9:30-10:00 pm when he gets home.. Life of a farmer is a hard one, so thank the ones you know! You can read more about it here: http://jldphotographblog.com/2012/04/24/thanking-my-farmer-thank-your-farmer-today/ Since he works hard and extremely long days, I do my part to help him out after a long day by cooking him something delicious. And so he comes home to this…

All you married women can quit rolling your eyes… I know it won’t always be like this. But for the time being, enjoy it Mr. Sunflowerfarmer!

Yesterday evening while I awaited the late return of Sunflowerfarmer home… I decided to bake him some cupcakes. I found these cupcakes via Pinterest and decided to give them a whirl. http://annies-eats.com/2010/06/02/cookies-and-cream-cupcakes/

Talk about rich and delicious! Oh my goodness! If you are feeling naughty or want to spoil your man, you must try them out!

Although lately I spend most of my days doing domestic things, I do get out! Ha. A few days ago, I made the drive to Wishek, North Dakota. A town of about 1,000 people located about 30 miles northeast of Ashley. It happens to be where one of my new, near and dear to my heart, friends lives, Katie Pinke of Pinke Post. I also got the opportunity to meet another new friend, Val Wagner of Wag’n Tales. These ladies proclaimed themselves “my adopted prairie big sisters” and indeed they will be as I make my move from California to North Dakota. Anyway, we shared a nice evening of wine and pizza (North Dakota classy!) as well as good conversation at the Pinke Residence.

So my days are filled with domestic diva activities and my nights are filled with as much Sunflowerfarmer as I can get while he is home. And this is where, again, I thank God for technology. Without the invention of cell phones, I would literally be without contact from him all day. Now on some days, this would be okay. But most of the time being able to hear his voice puts a smile on my face. And being able to see him, well that’s even better. I’ve said how he is my sunshine and seeing his face everyday lights up my world. So when I receive text messages that include this: It pretty much makes my day… It’s like our high tech version of sending sweet nothings to each other. And indeed we do.. both through social media and texts. Mushy gushy, I know.

But it’s my life. And I wouldn’t trade it for the world.





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