Happy Birthday Sunflowerfarmer

I’ve called him many things… My farmer.  My rock. Mr. Sunflowerfarmer. Love of my life. My best friend. But today he’s the birthday boy!

Meeting the Sunflowerfarmer that weekend in January, whether I knew it or not, forever changed the course of my life. Who would have thought that come April 14th I would be in North Dakota celebrating with him!? Life is crazy, but let me tell you, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I feel so blessed to be able to spend his special day with him, his family, and his closest friends.  It gives a chance for all of us to give back what he gives to us every day. To show him we appreciate him in our lives.

Mark, you are so many things to me.

You are a ray of sunshine no matter how cloudy my day may be.

My rock when I get neurotic and stressed.

My best friend who laughs with me when I say goofy things.

The one that swept me off my feet and stole my heart.

The hardworking man who I know will always provide for me and our future family

The man I want to hold my hand as we embark on this journey together.

The love of my life and you light up my life.

So today, we celebrate you. And I thank God for that… Because I can’t imagine my life without you.




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