North Dakota… Where My Dreams Are Made

This time tomorrow I will joining my belongings and arriving in North Dakota.. I will be greeted by images such as these:

And this, the wide open prairies of North Dakota, is where I will call home for the next month  and come July, this will be my new home. In case you missed the big news… you can read about it here:

Am I scared? Not a chance.

Am I nervous? Yes, maybe a little.

Am I confident that I am following my path in life? Absolutely.

Despite the fact I’ve never lived anywhere else besides California my entire life, despite the fact that I’ve never experienced living in the snow, despite the fact that I am going from a town of nearly 120,00 to a town of 800… I have confidence in the choices I am making. And that these opportunities life has opened up to me and the path I have chosen to take in life is indeed right where I need to be. And no matter how insane or crazy this may seem to some, it absolutely feels right to me.

It doesn’t mean I won’t be homesick. I will miss my family more than anything. Even though I don’t want to admit it, I will miss my job at Chico Locker. I will indeed miss Chico despite all it’s quirks. I know this will happen, after all it’s expected.

But what I will have in return is a new chapter in my life. A new chapter with someone who I am more than excited about beginning a life with. Someone with whom I dream big and we will strive to pursue those dreams. And I know that together, we can accomplish all those dreams and more.. So I am following my heart. And it is taking me to North Dakota, where for me, my dreams are made, pursued, and eventually accomplished. And the best part… I will have my best friend along side me. Giving me that confidence when I need it, making me laugh when he knows I could use some, and holding my hand along the way.  I STILL cannot believe this is MY life!

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.” — Confucius… Here I come North Dakota and I am bringing my heart with me, please be good to it!




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