My Rock.

It was the first time I was going to see him face to face.. Albeit it was only virtually, I was still nervous. Running around the house, checking myself in the mirror, making sure what I had on was appropriate. You know, I had to look presentable. He threw it out there so casually one night, “hey, you want to Skype?”. So there I was, prepping to “meet” Mr. Sunflowerfarmer, my heart beating a million miles a minute once it started ringing. I hit the green button and there he was, right on the screen, smiling at me. Our eyes met  and then something happened… One look into those blue eyes, I got a huge smile on my face and there went all my nerves, right out the window. I should have known then…

He was making the trip out here.. Coming to California to meet me. He was set to get here around 9:30 p.m… It was only 6 p.m. and my level of nervousness was already off the charts. I headed home from work to change and put on my best dress. Afterall, I had to make a good first impression! I was literally shaking trying to put my eyeliner on, something I’ve had plenty of practice doing. I was finally dressed and to keep from pacing, I headed over to a friend’s house until that magical time rolled around. 9:30 finally rolled around and I was on my way to the airport. There I sat, not knowing what to expect, hoping that smiling face I saw online would be walking through the door. The plane landed and I swore that everyone around me could hear my heart beating out of my chest. People started flooding through the door off the flight; I tried to look as calm and natural as possible. And there he was. Our eyes met instantly, and whether I realized it then or not, my nerves disappeared… There it was again…

That next day, we were on our way to meet my parents. Now this was a big deal. My parents are “technical dinosaurs” so trying to explain to them that I met this man via Twitter is well, nearly impossible. As we drove, I tried to give him the run down on my parents. Trying to describe them as best I could, he just smiled and nodded taking in my neurotic babble. Now I assume he was nervous, but you would never guess. His smile and his demeanour remained cool and calm. We parked the car as I continued my neurotic babble. He looked right at me, flashed me a little smile, and met my eyes with his. Instantly my neurotic babble stopped. This was becoming a trend….

Today, as the realization that very soon I will be becoming a resident of North Dakota continues to set in, I realize that I have a lot of work ahead of me. Now for someone like me who is rather type A this means an insane amount of cleaning, purging, packing, organizing, and labeling. Not to mention moving the REST of my life out there. So as I was having a minor freak out explaining to him all the things I have yet to do (I have four months). Via Facetime, he calmly listens to me, lets me babble. Once my babble has finally ceased, he looks at me and says, “Hunny, it will be okay. All that matters is that you get here”. And there it is again…

His ability to calm me is uncanny. Whenever I am having a moment of freaking out, all it takes is one look into those beautiful blue eyes and even without words spoken, I am calmed. He shares with me his confidence, even though he may be nervous, he holds himself together. Looking into his eyes, I am reminded of what really matters. And what really matters is that we are in this together. It’s me and him. And together we will go forward and build a life together.

With his hand in mine, there isn’t anything we can’t face. Together. So even though we will venture into the unknown, we will be there together. My partner in crime, the one I am following my heart all the way to North Dakota for, my Rock.


9 responses to “My Rock.

  1. Listen to “Happy As the Sun” by Dave Barnes. Once I finished reading your blog, that song popped into my head. Your love story is adorable…I’m so happy for you both!!!

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