I’m Kind of a Big Deal…

This life I am living just never ceases to amaze me. Sometimes it feels like I am dreaming, someone pinch me! It’s like I am reading a book of this beautiful story and hey, wait, it’s not a story… It’s real life and I am the one living it!

Never in my wildest dreams would I ever have imagined so many people to be interested in what I had to say about my experiences in North Dakota. The number of views that day, on that blog, surpassed the busiest day I’ve ever had of blogging for Chico Locker. And never would I ever have guessed that people would want to WRITE about it… But guess what, they did. I guess even in this tumultuous, crazy world we live in today, a good old fashioned love story still interests people. It gives people a ray of sunlight and hope for love.

And I wouldn’t usually say that I am a big deal. But if the people who are living there and who wrote the article tell me it’s a big deal.. Than it’s kind of a big deal.. And never would I ever have imagined this girl from California would make front page news for McIntosh County, North Dakota, but guess what I did..

Yep, I still can’t believe I’m living it.

Thank you so much to Fran Materi for finding my blog, reading what I had to say, and believing in love. This feature will always be near and dear to my heart, as well as Mark’s.

And to the rest of you, never underestimate what life can bring you when you least expect it.


4 responses to “I’m Kind of a Big Deal…

  1. Fabulous girlie. Love that article. You obviously made a lasting impression on more than one person in Ashley.

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