It’s Images Like This

6 A.M. rolls around. My alarm clock goes off. It’s Monday. I’ve got to go back to work. It’s still dark out. The fire that we worked so hard to finally build has extinguished leaving the house with a bit of a chill. But none of this matters. All that is on my mind. He has to leave.

In the car on the way to the airport, we talk about anything and everything besides the fact we both are dreading. His hand in mine, memories of the weekend fresh in our mind, down the road we go. I wish I could make this moment last forever.

We get to the airport. I shut the engine off. He leans over to me. My tears had started the minute we pulled in. His hand on my face, he wipes my tears. His big blue eyes staring straight into mine. My heart breaks each and every time one of us has to board that plane. And although I know he feels the same way, he holds it together. One look into those confident blue eyes and it calms me. He fills me with that confidence, confident in the fact that no matter how many times we have to leave each other, he will always be with me.

So although it breaks my heart to have him leave. Although I come back and even the smallest thing can remind me of his presence here not so long ago. Although I know it won’t be a month before I get to see him next. It still hits you hard.

Those are the times when I thank God for this technology advanced world we live in and when images like this come in handy…

It’s images like this that remind me to think not of the present, but of the future. It’s images like this that remind me what life is like with him in it. And how now I cannot imagine life without him. It’s images like this that remind me that what we have found is something greater than either of us could have ever imagined. Who knew that a girl from California would find love in a farmer from North Dakota…? Certainly not me. But most importantly, images like these remind me that we are the ones living it… How lucky are we!?


3 responses to “It’s Images Like This

  1. We could tell yesterday how close you two are…Vieva and I are so happy for you…It is true that you really do know when it’s right. Congratulations and we need to do that again…

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