Dewey Family Thanksgiving

So I know Thanksgiving was over a week ago.. But I am a little behind and frankly still recovering from it all.. S0 here’s a glimpse into a Dewey Family Thanksgiving.. My mom and her sisters split up each holiday. My mom’s holiday is Thanksgiving and as usual, we put on the quite the production with enough food to feed an army. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am so blessed to have great family, amazing food, and sharing the day with them. And here’s the disclaimer… If you are hungry, go eat and then read this post.. 😉

Our tablescape. And Mom’s new dining room which has been my design project as of late. I am loving the way it is turning out.

The “Kids” Table. The everyday dining table, looking a little more fancy than usual. 😉

Some appetizers… Recipe courtesy of my best friend who just started a food blog, check it out at:

Let the feast begin… Yams with candied pecans.

Cornbread stuffing with cajun sausage, fresh polish sausage, cranberries, and pecans

Traditional stuffing

Our bird. All done, ready to be carved. Isn’t she a beauty!?

Jello Salad with whipped cream, chocolate covered pretzels, and strawberries

Green Salad. My mom makes the best green salads.

Now of course a family who owns a butcher shop just can’t have one type of meat. So we had four. Pictured here is our turkey, a turducken (turkey, duck, and chicken), and our award winning ham

Another view.. I rarely ever eat our ham, but this reminds me that I should. It’s so good!

And of course, Thanksgiving wouldn’t be complete without a surprise dish. Last year it was Cioppino. This year it was this. Marinated Deer Backstraps served with a Red Wine Steak Sauce. Oh my gosh, divine! Even if you don’t like deer meat, I almost guarantee that you would eat this!

After dinner and dessert, it’s usually Photo time. Here we are. The Dewey Family.

Sibling Love.

I do believe my aunt was saying… Act like you love each other! Lol.

We love our Momma. Without her, we wouldn’t be here. I am thankful for that lady on a DAILY basis

Isn’t she beautiful!? I consider my mom to be one of my best friends. As well as the best shopping partner in crime, EVER!

So there you are. A Dewey family Thanksgiving. Hope everyone’s Thanksgivings were filled with food, family, friends, and love. And here’s to Christmas which is just a few weeks away! Yikes! Time to get on my Christmas shopping!!


10 responses to “Dewey Family Thanksgiving

  1. Great blog Jenny. You did have quite the spread. The food looks WONDERFUL. Your family is amazing, I agree.

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